Family Planning 101: Egg Freezing, IVF, and Surrogacy

In today’s episode, we talk to Adrienne Bailon-Houghton about the modern family. Family planning doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution; it can involve egg freezing, IVF, surrogacy and more.

Blossoming through failure with Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman details life as an instagram influencer and mom of two.

Traveling with Kids: Disneyland Paris

Traveling to Disney is the best with kids, so let’s start planning a trip to Disneyland Paris.

It’s Time for a Caregiving Revolution

Dr. Anna Malaika Tubbs and Isobel Benesch join the Milk Drunk podcast to discuss why advocating for caregivers and providing adequate support is so crucial for our future.

Real Mom Product Reviews: Dyson Cordless V12

As a mom I’ve tried a lot of vacuums! This cordless stick vac is the best vacuum I’ve found.

Combo Feeding 101: Breast, Bottle, Both

Combo feeding is an infant feeding solution for 70% of parents, but conversations about it are still hard to find. We’re sharing everything you need to know about combo feeding.

20+ Best Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals 2023

You may be shopping Firesticks and TV’s, but finding the best baby deals on Prime Day is a win for all new parents.

The formula pitcher: Can you really batch make a whole pitcher of baby formula?

Have you been wondering if you need a formula pitcher? The Formula Mom calls this her #1 formula feeding product.

7 Common Questions About Newborns & A Pediatrician’s Answers

Get answers to 7 of the most common questions about newborns from our pediatrician and AAP-spokesperson, Dr. Amna Husain.

The WonderFold Wagon has Everything my Disabled Daughter Needs and More— A Real Bobbie Mom Review

The best stroller wagons for summer include this one for our mom’s two toddlers.

The Bachelor’s Ashley Iaconetti: Her Journey to Parenthood and Love After Baby

Ashley & Jared are figuring out life, love and business as parents to a newborn.

Real Mom Product Reviews: Nuk For Nature Tableware Collection

When your toddlers are starting on their first foods, they’ll need safe tableware reviewed by moms.

Babyganics: Sunscreen and bug repellent products Bobbie moms are raving about

Bobbie moms share their favorite Babyganics bug repellents and sunscreens-all safe for kids!

Formula Feeding From Birth: 5 Helpful Tips

Planning on formula feeding from birth? Here are 5 helpful tips to help you go into exclusive formula feeding from birth with support and know-how.

Let’s Talk About Postpartum Sex with Cat & Nat

We’re chatting postpartum sex with Cat & Nat and Dr. Rachel Hoffman on this episode (including some information on sex after pregnancy that may surprise you).

Is It OK to Use My Phone While Breastfeeding?

There are arguments to be made about the safety of using your phone while breastfeeding.

Real Mom Product Reviews: Dr. Mom Butt Balm

Bobbie moms review Dr. Mom Butt Balm and share why it’s their favorite diaper rash cream for babies and toddlers!

Real Mom Product Reviews: Revea Customized Skincare

Our Bobbie moms are reviewing Revea’s customized skincare routines— there’s something unique for all skin types!

Charge Your Headphones, Introducing Milk Drunk: The Podcast!

If you’ve been looking for a modern parenting podcast, look no further. Milk Drunk: The Podcast is going to be your new favorite listen.

What to Pack for Daycare: 12+ Daycare Essentials for Your Baby or Toddler

If you’re about to start daycare, don’t miss this daycare must haves list for baby and toddler.

Traveling With Kids: Puerto Rico Edition

Visiting Puerto Rico with your kids is easy and fun— no passport required.

Paced Feeding 101: What It Is, Technique & Tips

What is paced bottle feeding? And does it really work? Learn everything about paced feeding techniques, tips, the best bottles for paced feeding, & more!

Speaking Out Against the Black Maternal Mortality Crisis with Elaine Welteroth

Elaine Welteroth shares the importance of advocating for improved maternal care in the US.

Must-Have Essentials for Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Whether you plan to use formula, breastmilk, or both, bottle feeding your baby requires certain equipment, the right know-how, and a little bit of advice about feeding on the go. 

Real Mom Product Review: Surely Wine, Best Non-Alcoholic Wine and Champagne

Can I drink a glass of wine while pregnant? The official answer is no, which is why having a great non-alcoholic is key!

Traveling With Kids: San Diego Edition

San Diego is more than the zoo! La Jolla and the seals are not to be missed when traveling with kids.

How to increase breast milk supply? Expert tips on how to boost milk production, naturally.

Hydration, exercise and sleep are essentials for improving your breast milk supply!

Real Mom Product Reviews: Ritual Daily Shake, Pregnancy & Postpartum Essential Protein Powder

Read one mom’s Ritual Protein Powder review and why she counts on it to get through her pregnancy.

Traveling With Kids: Great Wolf Lodge & Water Park Poconos PA

Our Bobbie mom reviews the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park in the Pocono Mountains.

Real Mom Product Reviews: Miku Monitor with Care+

For people who really want to track what’s happening with their baby’s sleep and health habits, we highly recommend the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Care+

Real Mom Product Reviews: Newton Baby Waterproof Crib Mattress

Our mom of three confirms why a waterproof baby mattress is so important for her and her newborn!

Real Mom Product Reviews: Lalo The Chair 3-in-1 High Chair

Bobbie mom and brand designer reviews the Lalo high chair. See why she loves it so much for her toddler boys!

Cherishing Motherhood Through Young Breast Cancer with Kait Bovard 

They say 21 year olds don’t get breast cancer— but they do. Advocating for your own health is something this young mom is getting vocal about!

35 Essential Nursing & Formula Feeding Supplies for Happy Mealtimes (All from Amazon!)

All the things you need for combination feeding— put them on your baby registry or add to cart as needed.

Baby Formula and DHA Levels: U.S. versus EU Editions

DHA in baby formula— let’s compare how it’s regulated around the globe.

Lifestyle Expert Rachel Zeilic Shares the 16 Best Sleep Products for New Moms

Who What Wear’s Rachel Zeilic shares what products live on her nightstand and how she fits in her own bath-time— even with 2 kids!

Ashley Graham Gets Personal About Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding With Bobbie

We’ve seen Ashley Graham breastfeeding, but in real life she’s combo feeding just like 70% of all parents.

How Much Formula Should My Baby Be Eating?

Following baby’s cues can help you know how much to feed them throughout the first year.

Normalizing Therapy Throughout the Motherhood Journey with TV Personality Lilliana Vazquez

In this Scoop, Lilliana Vazquez shares how maternal therapy helped her through perinatal and postpartum depression following a grueling IVF journey.

Traveling With Kids: LA Edition

Wondering where to stay and what to do in LA with a baby? Our travel expert has the answers.

What Happens If You Measure Baby Formula Wrong?

Measuring baby formula wrong is a common mistake, but it can be serious.

Is Bobbie Formula Safe?

Many parents want to know if Bobbie’s organic baby formula is safe and if it’s FDA approved. We’ve got the answers!

Struggling vs. Suffering— Supporting Postpartum Mental Health

Postpartum anxiety and mental health affects most new moms. Let’s talk about it together.

Travel Blogger Lesley Murphy Teaches us How to Crush Family Travel, Even With a Newborn

Lesley Murphy shares expert trip tips for new parents traveling with kids.

Ask the Experts: The Truth About Lactose Intolerance in Babies

Can babies be lactose intolerant? Our experts delve into the biggest questions and misconceptions about lactose intolerance in babies.

Trusting Yourself as a New Parent with Fashion Icon Tan France

Celebrity dad Tan France shares tales of late nights, formula bottles and good poops.

Bobbie’s Organic, European Style Baby Formula is Now Available at a Target Store Near You

Bobbie is available at Target stores nationwide.

Embracing Your Postpartum Body with Beauty Influencer and New Mom, Andreea Gaul

Influencer Andreea Gaul on being a girl mom, how snapback culture is BS, and leaning hard on her mom community.

Welcome to The Scoop — by Bobbie

Join us each month to see what new parenting really looks like behind the scenes.

FDA approved baby formula substitutes

Looking for a safe baby formula substitute? We’ve got a comprehensive FDA approved list of interchangeable baby formulas when yours is not available.