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Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements Reviewed by Real Bobbie Moms

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Bobbie moms, like all moms, have MANY things in common postpartum. One of those is hair shedding! On our Facebook groups and slack channels, there’s always lots of conversation about hair thinning and shedding and how bad it can be postpartum and throughout motherhood. For some moms— hair growth never goes back to pre-baby hair growth— and for some it just takes time!

Nutrafol Product Review

Shira Page: Medical Team Lead at Bobbie. 35 years old with 2 daughters ages 3 and 5.

My name is Shira Page and I’m the Medical Team Lead at Bobbie. I’m also a Nurse Practitioner and spent most of my clinical practice working in endocrinology (hormone health). In that role I frequently worked with patients struggling with thinning hair and found that conventional medical guidelines and recommendations often left them feeling hopeless. I’ve been following Nutrafol and the research they have done on their products for a few years and I was super excited to have the opportunity to try their products. 

I’ve never had super thick hair and my hair cycle seems to be pretty sensitive to lifestyle. When I was younger, stress or diet changes (vegetarianism, veganism) would cause me to start shedding more hair. By the time I reached the postpartum period with my second baby, I felt very unhappy with how thin my hair was becoming. 

I have always made sure to check lab values first and make sure there isn’t an underlying issue. I had my thyroid, iron, and vitamin D checked which were all normal. I’ve also tried other products with no success, including a few viral topical products that I regret wasting money on. 

Nutrafol Packaging and Ingredients

Nutrafol arrived in the most gorgeous supplement bottle I have ever seen. I love the sustainability of the glass jar and how it comes with refillable pouches. It feels luxurious every time you go to take your supplements and I don’t have to feel guilty about recycling a plastic bottle every month. I’m a big fan of the ingredients included in Nutrafol and how they have benefits beyond hair growth. I saw other benefits from the Biotin— my usual brittle and breaking nails started growing for the first time! I also like the inclusion of iodine which supports healthy thyroid function. I was initially hesitant about taking four pills a day but I found it pretty easy to take with breakfast and grew to like the herbal scent of the capsules. 

Often people experiencing hair thinning feel so hopeless and like they just have to wait it out or deal with what’s happening. I would recommend Nutrafol for any patient or friend to try, especially given the quality ingredients and clinically tested formulas.

Nutrafol product review

Jenna Mersch: Digital Product Manager at Bobbie. 32 years old, with sons ages 2.5 and 1. Started Nutrafol at 7 months postpartum.

My postpartum hair thinning was really starting to concern me. Breakage and shedding more hair than normal was giving me anxiety because I already have very thin hair! I had heard a lot about Nutrafol and finally decided to give it a try.

I am using the Nutrafol Postpartum Hair Growth Supplements— I’m currently on month 6. It was a slow start but I started to see good results at month 4! Lots of the hair growth around my temples, part line and face frame which is definitely reassuring to have noticeable hair growth there where everyone can see it. I had consistent ‘baby bangs’ around my whole head. After a few months I could definitely tell that the hair growth was here to stay because those baby hairs got longer (about 2 inches in length by month 5).

I really think Nutrafol’s ingredients are top of the line based on the research I have done. I would recommend this to new moms/friends because of the quality of the ingredients and the results I am seeing. Even though results are not instantaneous, my hair growth is definitely making progress and I feel confident about what I am putting into my body. I’m glad that I am seeing results to potentially get my hair back to where it was pre-kids.

Nutrafol product review

Angeline Giammona: Product Marketing Lead at Bobbie. 36 years old, with a 1 year old son. Started Nutrafol at 6 months postpartum.

My hair has been dry, brittle, and thin due to postpartum shedding. Prior to giving birth, my hair was always thick, coarse and I had a full head of hair. I was proud of my thick ponytail! My hair actually stayed the same during pregnancy, it was long and thick, but I started noticing that as soon as I got into the postpartum period, it slowly started to change and lose its luster.

Nutrafol product review

I tried Nutrafol’s Postpartum Hair Growth Supplement at 6 months postpartum. The unboxing was great. I love the canister it comes in and it makes it so easy to just refill as necessary each month! The packaging is simple and sleek. 

I find taking pills generally easy so these weren’t a problem. I decided my routine would be to take them after dinner each day. 

This product made me discover that I indeed had more hair thinning than I originally thought. I found that I had small baby hairs growing more at the front of my head. I saw a lot of progress over the first three months. At the 90 day mark I noticed that my hair started looking thicker at the front! I was so happy to see the baby hairs getting longer and filling in. Beyond the 90 day mark I noticed longer and healthier hairs coming in the front where I experienced the worst of the shedding. I’ve also been noticing more flyaways all over my head which are clearly hair growth. I plan to continue using Nutrafol now that it’s part of my routine. I’d love to see more growth over the course of a full year.

When other moms ask about the price of Nutrafol, I tell them that I believe the $80/month is a fair price for the growth that I’ve seen and the peace of mind in addressing my postpartum hair shedding. For me, a mom that is trying to feel like “herself” again, hair is a huge part of it. I knew postpartum hair shedding might come, but it’s different when it actually happens and you see yourself differently. I am glad I started Nutrafol to get ahead of it. Knowing that I was taking a supplement and taking care of my hair gave me peace of mind. I believe Nutrafol helped accelerate the length and quality of my hair and it feels like ‘self-care’ to care for myself with this hair supplement routine. 


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