Middle Aged Children— What age is middle aged for children and how do we prepare to parent bigger kids?

Babies are hard but middle aged children may be the hardest yet. So what is a middle aged child and what as parents can we do to guide them?

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Why this middle school teacher thought her students were enough, until an accidental pregnancy changed everything.

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Black Doulas: Combating Racial Health Disparities and Complicated Feeding Stigmas

by Nicole Carr, Milk-Drunk Contributor and Mom of Three Tracie Collins’ purpose and life’s work is rooted in the gift of life. In two decades as a  doula and mid-wife, she’s the first to tell you’re called to the work. It chooses you. You don’t choose it. With more than 1500 births under her belt,

Workplace Wins: The Five Best Places to Work if You’re a New or Expectant Parent (and How Other Businesses Can Learn From Them)

by Kama O’Connor, Milk Drunk Contributor New and expectant parents have so much to consider as they welcome a new little one to their world: hospital or home birth; doula or midwife (or neither); breastmilk or formula (or both); how (or if) to sleep train; when (or if) to go back to work.  The last

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Christine Michel Carter is a working mom on fire! She’s helping us moms out with some friend to friend advice.