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Combo Feeding Took Me Through, and Beyond, Postpartum Depression

Supplementing with formula provided relief when this Bobbie mom developed PPA from breastfeeding.

Combo Feeding With Baby Formula Does Not Mean You Failed Breastfeeding

The stigma around formula feeding was real for this Bobbie mom.

Combination Feeding Helped Me Enjoy Breastfeeding More With My 3rd Baby

Supplementing with formula is an empowering choice for our mom of three.

Traveling With Kids: LA Edition

Wondering where to stay and what to do in LA with a baby? Our travel expert has the answers.

Travel Blogger Lesley Murphy Teaches us How to Crush Family Travel, Even With a Newborn

Lesley Murphy shares expert trip tips for new parents traveling with kids.

THE SCOOP · July 26, 2022

Explore Feeding Confessionals

Feeding Confessionals is a content series that highlights the emotional highs and lows of feeding a baby.

Jen’s Feeding Confessional

When Jen wanted to switch to baby formula, her Pediatrician said, “Do it, and don’t look back!”.

Rachel’s Feeding Confessional

It’s all about self care for this breastfeeding mama who knows how to pump bottles and hand over feeding duty.

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