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Photo of measuring baby head

Week by week baby growth chart— We spoke with a registered dietitian and pediatrician to get the truth behind the baby growth chart

The growth chart has a purpose, but doctors realize it causes a lot of anxiety amongst parents.

Bobbie launches the first ever MotherBoard with partners Ashley Graham, Elaine Welteroth, Laura Dern & Tan France

We at Bobbie are announcing our inaugural MotherBoard— a yearly collective of activist parents passionate about evolving the formula industry.

Formula Feeding Mom Diary: Week 2 — Lactation Consultant & Pumping

Lip ties and tongue ties lead to a whole lot of pumping for this brand new mom.

Is it OK to breastfeed during the day and give formula at night?

Formula feeding at night sounds like a great option for a many breastfeeding parents. Does combo feeding make sense for you?

Explore Feeding Confessionals

Feeding Confessionals is a content series that highlights the emotional highs and lows of feeding a baby.

Jen’s Feeding Confessional

When Jen wanted to switch to baby formula, her Pediatrician said, “Do it, and don’t look back!”.

Rachel’s Feeding Confessional

It’s all about self care for this breastfeeding mama who knows how to pump bottles and hand over feeding duty.

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