15+ Best Gifts for Working Moms

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If you’re a working mom, you know a thing or two about multi-tasking, not to mention how desperately you need a vacation, stat! After all, the average working mom clocks close to 100 hours a week—more than double the amount of time required for a typical full-time job. What’s more: The U.S. Department of Labor notes that 70 percent of moms are working moms, meaning they hold a job outside of the one that involves caring for their children’s every waking needs. That’s a lot of mamas going above and beyond to bring home the bacon and ensure that their family, specifically their children, is well taken care of. 

Moms deserve to be pampered every single day of the year. You don’t need to wait for a holiday to go all out to show the mom in your life just how valued and appreciated she really is. Before you spend unnecessary dough on a bouquet of flowers and some expensive chocolates, consider reading through our list of gift items that every mom could seriously use—like the stuff that will help make her day-to-day a bit easier and more enjoyable. 

Here is our list of the best gifts for working moms for Mother’s Day and every day.

Best Gifts for Working Moms

Best Pampering Gifts for Mom

Wander Beauty Jetsetter Essentials Kit

Best beauty kit for mom

For every mom who can’t live without her Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks (and shouldn’t have to), here’s the gift set she’s been waiting for. The Essentials Kit has just enough beauty to look awake without anything unnecessary. Set includes 5 perfect products and the bag it all lives in.

DAVIDs Tea Relaxation Tea Kit

Best tea set for mom

For the moms who know when they’ve reached their daily coffee maximum (who, me?), DAVIDs Teas will do the job of something warm, delicious AND caffeine free.

The Relaxation Tea Kit is easy to love and gift, it includes a Nordic Mug, soothing silky eye mask, 10 tea filters and three caffeine-free loose leaf infusions designed to help restore and revive the body and mind. Plus it says ‘sip back and relax’ on the box, so we’re already feeling less stressed!

Fabletics Belt Bag & VIP Membership

Whether mom gives a sh*t about working out or not, she wants to be comfortable and look good. The Fabletics belt bag comes in handy for every errand, coffee-run and school pick-up. It’s just the right size for what she needs sans diaper bag.

If you want to take the Fabletics gifting a little further, go all in on a monthly VIP membership. Mom can pick herself out a new outfit every month, or skip the month and hold the credits for when there’s a piece she needs to have.

The Rootist Dry Shampoo Powder

Best dry shampoo

For every mom who can’t get a shower in, you likely already know and love a good dry shampoo. We love The Rootist for putting theirs into a brush so that the work can be done in seconds, mess free. It’s also small enough for moms to throw in a gym bag, handbag, diaper bag and more on-the-go to get the volume they need and hit refresh on sweat and oil. 

Brought to you by David Chung, founder of Farmacy Beaty, The Rootist is a fermented hair care line (think kombucha for hair) born from biotechnology and designed for the connection between roots, scalp, and hair. Their ultra concentrated Shampoo and Conditioner were created to strengthen weak, damaged hair. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without paragons, phthalates, and silicones. And they smell GREAT.

Cozy Earth Boyfriend Sleep Dress

Best pajamas for mom

Every mom needs good pajamas, although she rarely splurges to buy them for herself! Whether mom is pregnant or living the mom life, she’ll love the cozy night-shirt from Cozy Earth. It’s luxuriously soft, made with viscose from bamboo. The rib-knit is lightweight, but still gives coverage. Sizes range from XS-XXXL, and colors range from white to black with some new pastels for every mom’s taste.

Nicky Clarke AirStyle PRO Infrared and Ionic Hair Dryer and Styler

Best gift for mom

For the mom who loves the latest in beauty products AND hates her extra-heavy blow dryer, this is THE gift. This ultra lightweight (only 12.5 oz) and quiet hair dryer uses infrared technology to dry hair faster at a lower temp while using ionic technology to minimize heat damage and eliminate static (thank god!). It also looks gorgeous, self-cleans, takes up minimal space and comes with 4 attachments for when she’s in the mood to try something new.

Sephora Favorites Summer Showstoppers

Best mother's day gifts

Quick and easy are two words every mom wants to hear! This Sephora Favorites set is both. It includes 9 products that can have you looking more ‘awake’— something every one of us needs. Plump, Glow and Fake Awake are even in the product names!

The Hair Lab, Personalized Hair Care

Best mother's day gifts

Mom’s hair has gone wild since having kids (literally! baby bangs!). The Hair Lab by Strands offers a quick, 2 minute quiz to help mom personalize her hair care products. Their analysis prescribes the perfect bases and doses tailored to her unique hair biology from over 1,000 possible combinations. We’ve tried it and we really like it. Especially the boosts— like the UV Shield Dose, the Moisture Boost and the Scalp Reset. More, more, more!

FluffCo Down Alternative Pillows

Best down alternative pillow

Did you know that on average, moms get 5.7 hours of sleep per night? That’s 2.2 less than their partner and 1-3 hours less than recommended. Needless to say moms are tired, so it shouldn’t be surprising that 34% of moms say their ideal Mother’s Day includes sleeping in or taking a nap.* 

Since moms love hotel pillows, this brand worked tirelessly with their manufacturer to recreate the feel of a down hotel pillow, but with 100% all-vegan microfiber so that they could bring this great pillow experience to moms at a superb quality and lower price.

*Stats provided by FluffCo

Old Whaling Co Assorted Bath Bombs Set

Best gift for mom

There’s nothing mom needs more than alone time (did you ever read the children’s book Five Minutes’ Peace?)!

We know squeezing in a shower is hard, and a bath even harder, but man is it worth it. When you know the kids are good, lock the door and take ten with these bath bombs from Old Whaling Co. They are handmade with natural ingredients (baking soda, Epsom salts, olive & soybean oil) and smell really, really good.

Thistle Meal Delivery

Best gift for mom

What’s the best gift for any new, pregnant or working mom? Food— that she doesn’t have to buy or cook. Thistle brings it all to your door, and is so damned delicious. These kits are customized to your liking, so go for lunch-time salads, vegan cheese & cracker snacks, or gift mom an entire week’s worth of meals. She’ll love it and love you for making life easier. The ultimate gift.

Fresh Luxury Skincare Set

Beauty gift for mom

The word ‘set’ should be in every gift for any mom! Fresh put together a beautiful 4-piece skincare set that makes beauty feel uncomplicated. With ingredients like kombucha and black tea plus hydrators like hyaluronic acid and noni fruit juice, we’re not saying mom needs anti-aging products, but we know she won’t mind them either. She may not have time for the spa (although we’re hoping she will-see below), but a quick 5 minute essence, serum, moisturizer and eye cream routine can always fit in her schedule.

Muslin Comfort The 365 Blanket

Best muslin blanket

Mom’s hot, she’s cold, she’s sleeping alone, she’s got toddlers in the mix. She needs a blanket that does it all. Queue Muslin Comfort’s The 365 Blanket. This 100% pure muslin cotton comforter is light enough for warm months and layers great during cooler ones. It washes easily, never looks wrinkled (because it is naturally) and comes in every color under the sun (well, almost!). Add in coordinating muslin pillow shams and mom’s bed will feel like a spa, even if it doesn’t sound like one.

Finca Victoria, Wellness Retreat

Best gifts for working moms

When we asked the moms on the Bobbie team what they most want for a holiday (or any day) the answer was “time away”. Whether mom works from home or not, she would love a few days with no cooking or cleaning or laundry or homework, where someone else looks after her wellness for a change. Finca Victoria could be the place for relaxation and clarity— located right off the coast of Puerto Rico, in Vieques.

If mom doesn’t have enough time for a wellness getaway, at least book her a night at your nearest spa hotel. One night of peace is truly the gift that a mom needs, but may never think to ask for.

Therafit Adjustable Clogs

Best mother's day gifts

Wherever you’re momming these days, adjustable clogs from Therfit are a win in comfort and cuteness. Perfect for all day comfort and style: from school drop off, to walking the dog, to lunching with friends, they look great with your favorite denim or a long maxi skirt. The slip-on style and velcro straps make them easily adjustable— the little things that a heritage brand, like Therafit, never leaves off of our favorite products.

Quince Long Sleeve Pajamas

Best pajamas for mom

There is no mom who doesn’t need new pajamas (raises hand). Especially pajamas that are practical AND cute. These long sleeve linen pajamas from Quince sleep cozy and give you enough coverage to answer the door when needed. They come in three beautiful colors, all with piping for a classic “I’m dressed without being too dressed” look.

Heated Foot Spa Bath with Bubble Massage

Best Gifts for Working Moms

After a long, hard day, Mom deserves to sit back, relax on the couch and get a nice, relaxing foot massage in a hot-water bubble bath. This device brings the foot spa to her home, with speed heating, temperature control, vibration and even removable rollers that can help give her the foot massager she so desperately needs. 

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Gifts for Working Moms

When Mom finally gets to lie down (or collapse, really) into her bed at the end of a hard-worked day, she deserves to lay on top-notch, hotel-quality sheets like these from Cozy Earth. Made from 100 percent premium viscose bamboo fabric, these sheets are temperature regulating and super soft to the touch. They’re also lightweight and naturally cut down on moisture, keeping you dry, comfortable and cool all night long. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Work at Home

Apple AirPods Max

Best headphones for mom

Whether mom is tuning in (to a meeting or a podcast) or tuning out (kids), she’ll love doing it with these gorgeous over the ear headphones from Apple. Yes, she’s got her AirPods stashed in her purse, but these are even more comfortable and provide a better listening experience. Features include a canopy headband, acoustically engineered memory foam ear cushions and the choice of transparency mode or active noise cancellation. Plus they come in cool colors like sky blue and silver, so nobody in the house can claim they’re theirs.

Colsen Indoor Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pit

Best mother's day gifts

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a campfire. Get the instant ambiance of a real fire with Colsen Fire Pits and leave the smoke and clean up behind. The eco-friendly fire pits are easy to light and extinguish. Made from temperature-resistant concrete for an enhanced, safe, smokeless, and odor-free experience. Use them inside while you’re working or outside when work is over (and add some s’mores when the kids are around).


Best mother's day gifts

Home means comfort but make it cute. Also, maybe sometimes mom’s not at home. But using her PTO for a beach vacation. These high-quality waterproof slippers come in seriously playful colors for the summer season. Plus they have superior arch support, which Aerothotic is known for, so mom can be comfortable and stylish wherever she’s hard at work— momming. 

Curaprox Hydrosonic Easy Electric Toothbrush with Charger and Travel Case

Best gift for mom

A really good toothbrush is a total win for every mom! We love this electric toothbrush from favorite dental brand, Curaprox. The Hydrosonic Easy Electric Toothbrush is equipped with a sensitive toothbrush head with ultra-fine, gentle Curen filaments for a particularly gentle, yet highly efficient cleaning. Safe enough to use daily, it even comes with a travel case for when you do get a chance to get away.

PS- For the rest of the family, we love colorful Ultra-Soft Curaprox Toothbrushes. Everyone picks a color and they can finally use their OWN brush without mix-up.

H400 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Best gifts for working moms

Keurig® K-Supreme® Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best home espresso machine

Most coffee-drinking moms need a cup of joe in their hands -5 minutes before they open their eyes. While that goal is near-impossible, it isn’t impossible to have a freshly brewed cup in their hands within a matter of seconds after they press the “brew” button on this instant coffee maker. The K-Supreme coffee maker is the first in the Keurig series to feature MultiStream Technology, which helps ensure that the coffee grinds within each pod are evenly saturated for maximum flavor. It allows you to control the beverage size (6, 8, 10, or 12 oz.) as well as the intensity thanks to the “strong” button. 

EspressoWorks Barista Pro Series Espresso Machine

Best personal espresso machine

If mom is a SERIOUS coffee lover, a cup of coffee won’t do. This barista needs an espresso machine that does it all. This 15 piece set is the ultimate all in one home barista— it comes with an espresso machine, an electric coffee grinder, a high-quality portafilter, single and double shot baskets plus two espresso cups and a milk frothing pitcher. See, no joke. This will get her through early mom-mornings and the 3 o’clock afternoon energy crash.

Coravin® Pivot™ Wine Preservation System

Best Gifts for Working Moms

You know what’s really a shame? When Mom opens a nice bottle of wine that goes bad before she has a chance to finish it. Coravin is a unique device that can help prevent that sad story from happening. It’s a wine preservation system that lets Mom enjoy wine on her terms without risking oxidation that ruins the taste. It can allow wine to last weeks and months without going bad.

Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler

Best gifts for mom

If the Mom on your gift list has long been asking for a Dyson Airwrap, this is the time to gift her one. Expensive? Yes, but it literally serves as five styling tools in one. It comes with various-sized barrels to curl or wave your hair in whatever style you’re looking to achieve. The blow-dry brushes also help dry your hair smooth—no flyaways. It’s literally the only heat-styling tool she’ll ever need. 

Best Personal Helpers for Mom

e.l.f. SKIN Jet Set Hydration Kit

Best mother's day beauty gift

Hydration is the name of the game for every mom since we’re exhausted and literally can’t get enough sleep (or water) EVER. This set from e.l.f. Cosmetics packs some serious hydration into 5 perfectly sized minis. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, jojoba, shea butter, aloe and peptides. All the ‘helpers’ moms need as part of their daily self-care routine.

KUSSHI Washable Travel Makeup & Cosmetic Bag

Best mother's day gifts

Every mom needs to get her beauty products organized. And whether she’s working from home, heading to a work off-site, or taking time away (hallelujah), she needs a carrier to keep her products together. The KUSSHI comes in different sizes, so you can pick based on how many products mom has (spy her medicine cabinet). The Signature, medium, is their best seller as it holds 15-20 products, is washable and has a flat bottom so it stands on its own wherever it goes. Thought of by a woman, of course.

Fresh Knight Ultrasonic Aligner Cleaner

Best mother's day gifts

There is no world where any mom wants to sit and scrub her aligners (or retainers). She probably already did that in her teens! This time it’s much easier— using an ultrasonic cleaner machine. Just set the device into the all-in-one cleaner and give it 5 mins. Bonus— it can also be used for jewelry when the teeth treatment is over and done.

Canary Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit

Best gift for mom

Clean hands, that’s the #1 rule in every mom’s new life as a mom. Canary’s Concentrated Foaming Hand Soap Kit includes a refillable glass bottle equipped with a durable foaming pump, accompanied by two indulgently fragrant and deeply moisturizing concentrated hand soap slices. Just add water and experience the magic! Each soap slice is crafted to last approximately a month so this kit really gets you going. It’s easy to add future soaps to your cart as needed. Even toddlers/big kids will think this is fun enough to use, so it’s a gift for mom AND her fam.

Kidpik Subscription Box

 When you’ve got kids (not just a baby) having boxes of cute clothing show up at your door is a godsend. Kidpik’s boy or girl subscription boxes (available in sizes 2T-16) are perfect for holiday looks, school cool, chic casual style, and awesome athletic looks. Take a quick quiz and let the stylists do their thing. You can pick one off items or just let the assortment of 8-12 items get chosen for you. Need shoes? Add them in as well! This gift for kids is really a gift for mom— saving her time, effort and energy.

Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock

Best Gifts for Working Moms

So think Google Nest Hub BUT with the portability of a tablet. YES. YES. YES. The Pixel Tablet rests on a charging speaker doc, so when it’s in hub mode you get the amazing Google assistant features (Hey Google: set a timer, play this show, music from Taylor, you get it), but then when you need to move over to the sofa to finish your favorite show (or have the kids finish theirs) just go off-base and roam. You can also set boundaries and parental controls (e.g., screen time limits) with the Family Link app and set up multiple profiles so each user on your tablet has a portal to their own apps and content, as well as an individual pin and fingerprint unlock.

Hatch Daylight Alarm Clock

Best Gifts for Working Moms

An alarm clock might not be the sexiest gift out there, but just wait until you learn all that this baby can do. It’s essentially a personalized sleep-wake machine that helps you fall asleep faster and more soundly and helps you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. It utilizes a sunrise-style alarm clock so it slowly lights up when it’s time for you to wake—a far less disturbing way than the standard alarm clock. It also allows you to play meditations and sleep stories that you can choose from their app to play right on the device.   

Google Pixel Watch 2 Smartwatch

Best smartwatch for women

‘Hey Google’— is all you need to say for some personal assistance. That’s a lot more effective than your husband or kids, right? The new Pixel Watch 2 combines Google technology with FitBit tracking, so you can follow your runs, your sleep, your skin temp and even your stress— thanks to three all-new sensors. Not only does this watch tell you what to do when you’re showing signs of stress, but it even sends out emergency notifications to your fam if for some chance you aren’t back when planned. (Although if your evening ‘run’ is just a ploy to get out of the house, we won’t tell.)

Best Sentimental Gifts for Mom

Mommy & Me Matching T-Shirts

Best mother's day gifts

Mommy & Me matching can only happen when they’re little— so do it for the gram! These affordable tees from Shein will make your little one so happy, and likely the cool mama as well. The kid version comes in toddler and newborn sizes for everyone to join in the pics.

Minted Classic Heart Snapshot

Best Gifts for Working Moms

Whether Mom works from home or heads to the office every day, there’s no denying that she’d appreciate a photo gift that showcases her sweet children. This photo art from Minted is unique in that you can use up to 30 photos to create a heart-shaped collage that comes framed with a 4-ply, museum-grade mat board. It comes in a wide range of sizes and can be shipped right to your door (or Mom’s workplace).

Aura Carver WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Best Gifts for Working Moms

If one (or even 30) pictures is not enough, why not get Mom a digital picture frame that lets her view as many photos of her family as she wants. This Aura frame sets up within minutes and utilizes WiFi to add photos and videos from your phone to the frame itself. You can even invite other people to join and be able to add photos from their device right to the frame. 

Choosing the Best Holiday Gift for Mom

Listen to mom, what would really make her day special? It’s not always the obvious gifts like flowers, but the more thoughtful ones that help make life easier. Helpful=special when it comes to mom.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant's pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant’s pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

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