Lizzy Caplan: Rolling with the Punches of Parenting

Lizzy Caplan joins to talk feeding journeys and asking for help without judgment. Expectations vs. the realities of parenthood.

December 8, 2023
Bobbie Podcast
Hannah Bronfman Bobbie Podcast Podcast Icon

Hannah Bronfman: Self-Care Through the Feeding Journey

Hannah Bronfman joins the podcast exploring self-care, body reclamation, and finding what feels right in your unique feeding journey. Learn to thrive amidst conflicting advice.

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Motherhood in the World of Sports

Join Alysia Montaño as she shares her inspiring journey through motherhood in professional sports. An empowering conversation you won’t want to miss!

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Family Planning 101: Egg Freezing, IVF, and Surrogacy

In today’s episode, we talk to Adrienne Bailon-Houghton about the modern family. Family planning doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution; it can involve egg freezing, IVF, surrogacy and more.

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It’s Time for a Caregiving Revolution

Dr. Anna Malaika Tubbs and Isobel Benesch join the Milk Drunk podcast to discuss why advocating for caregivers and providing adequate support is so crucial for our future.

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Combo Feeding 101: Breast, Bottle, Both

Combo feeding is an infant feeding solution for 70% of parents, but conversations about it are still hard to find. We’re sharing everything you need to know about combo feeding.

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Gassy Babies: Signs, Symptoms and Strategies

There are lots of reasons your baby might be fussy, and it might be gas! If you’re looking for info on how to help a gassy baby, this episode is for you!

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Meghan Trainor & Emily Oster: Redefining “Best” Parenting

Meghan Trainor and Emily Oster join the podcast to discuss what “best” parenting really means with so much readily available information.

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Laura Dern & Diane Ladd: How to Have Difficult Conversations (Especially With Your Mom)

Laura Dern and Diane Ladd join the podcast to share how a life-threatening illness transformed their relationship and inspired their new co-written memoir.

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Let’s Talk About Postpartum Sex with Cat & Nat

We’re chatting postpartum sex with Cat & Nat and Dr. Rachel Hoffman on this episode (including some information on sex after pregnancy that may surprise you).

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Tan France on Taking the Stigma Out of Surrogacy

Tan France joins the Milk Drunk podcast to discuss surrogacy and answer some burning questions, including how does surrogacy work?

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Elaine Welteroth— We Can Fix the Maternal Health Crisis

Elaine Welteroth joins the Bobbie Podcast to talk about the human rights issue we’re facing in the US.

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When One Becomes Two (or Three Kids) with Ashley Graham & Big Little Feelings

Ashley Graham joins the Milk Drunk Podcast to share her journey of transitioning from one kid to three, and advice for parents.

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How to Survive Your First Year of Parenthood with Tan France

Tan France joins the Milk Drunk Podcast to share his advice for surviving and thriving the first year of parenthood.

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Why the Formula Industry Was Due for a Shake-Up

Bobbie co-founders Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy share their journeys to launching their infant formula company.

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Charge Your Headphones, Introducing Milk Drunk: The Podcast!

If you’ve been looking for a modern parenting podcast, look no further. Milk Drunk: The Podcast is going to be your new favorite listen.