Three reasons why your baby is rejecting your frozen or stored breast milk (hint: it could be Lipase)

If baby is rejecting frozen or stored breast milk, it could be an excess of lipase. These lactation consultant tips can help save the day (and the milk!).

10 On: Latching

Let’s talk breastfeeding and latching. Learn what to do when your baby isn’t latching.

How to increase breast milk supply? Expert tips on how to boost milk production, naturally.

Hydration, exercise and sleep are essentials for improving your breast milk supply!

How Dads Can Help with Breastfeeding – Hint: You Don’t Need Breasts

Hey dad! Keeping track of feedings and being the foot tickler are just a few things you can do to participate.

What to Expect With Newborn Cluster Feeding

Cluster feeding can throw a wrench into your typical feeding plans, but don’t worry, it’s just a phase!

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

There are offenders like caffeine and chocolate on this list, but some others may surprise you!

The lowdown on the painful letdown

It’s no joke, that painful letdown. Our lactation consultant shares what the breastfeeding letdown is and why we’re feeling it.

One mom shares her mastitis story— So what is mastitis, what are the symptoms and what is the treatment?

Mastitis is a painful side effect of breast feeding. Fever, chills and so much more!

How long does it take for my breast milk to dry up?

Whether or not breastfeeding was successful for you, we’ve got tips on how to help dry up your milk supply.

Surrogacy and Donor Breast Milk: Here’s What You Need to Know

Having a baby via surrogate means you have feeding options; using donor milk is one of them. Milk banks, milk shares and baby formula are other options.

Are There Benefits To Nursing After 12 Months?

Your breastfeeding timeline may be based on the AAP guidelines.

Not Breastfeeding in Brooklyn? Prepare to be Publicly Judged

One mom talks about the connection between breastfeeding and mental health.

Nipple Shield: What Is It and How to Use It

The beauty of breastfeeding can be described in a wide variety of ways. It’s beautiful and rewarding – and yet difficult, frustrating, and challenging too! That’s where sometimes, it may be helpful to take advantage of a breastfeeding tool under the guidance of your physician or lactation consultant.  Introducing the nipple shield! As we deep

What’s a “Normal” Amount of Time to Breastfeed?

How long should you breastfeed? There is no best answer here. The average breastfeeding time for most may not be what works for you.

Feeding Triplets: Don’t Assume I Made Enough Milk

Feeding multiples requires a high supply of breast milk, not always possible for every parent.

Feeding after a double mastectomy: Don’t assume I have nipples to breastfeed

When she couldn’t breastfeed after a double mastectomy, this mom went straight to a baby formula she could trust.

What a Feeding Journey Really Looks Like Across Different Parents and Families

There is no one size fits all to a feeding journey. Modern parents face many modern problems- read through some of them here.

I’m Not Even Pregnant and I’m Already Starting to Think About Breastfeeding

Are you stressed about being able to breastfeed?

Black Doulas: Combating Racial Health Disparities and Complicated Feeding Stigmas

Doula and midwife Tracie Collins shares her thoughts on the racial disparities of black motherhood in America.

The Unintentional Diet of a Postpartum Mom; When You Find Yourself Going ‘Dairy-Free’ Overnight

Your diet may affect your breastfed baby.

Does Feeding Define Who We Are As Moms? A Q&A with Author of ‘Bottled Up,’ Suzanne Barston

Are you planning to bottle feed or breastfeed? Suzanne Barston explains why her view on breastfeeding changed after giving birth.

7 Self-Care Tips While You Breastfeed

Mom approved tips to help you get through breastfeeding.

Feeding Diary: An UnGodly Feeding Hour

One mom reveals how hard breastfeeding was and why she switched to formula.

How Hollywood Gets Motherhood and Feeding Wrong… Oh, So Wrong

How Hollywood and pop culture influence our views on motherhood, child birth, and parenting.

Formula Feeding vs Breastfeeding— A Thing Called Stigma and the Data Behind It

Let’s discuss the stigma associated with formula feeding.

Back to Work: Here’s What Ruined My Milk Supply

Many moms breast milk supply goes down once they return to work, here is why.

The Hype Around a Breast Milk Freezer Supply

The best 7 ways to store extra breast milk in the freezer