Best Formula for Breastfed Babies: How to Supplement with Formula

Ready to supplement or transition off breast milk? Here’s our how-to guide on choosing a formula and transitioning with ease.

Is it OK to breastfeed during the day and give formula at night?

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Combo Feeding 101: How to Supplement with Formula

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Pediatrician Dr Crosby Shares the Ultimate Advice on How to Supplement With Formula When Breastfeeding

Even pediatricians supplement with baby formula for their own kids. If you’re wondering if formula makes kids less smart, the answer is NO!

How Much Does Baby Formula Feeding Cost?

If you’re thinking about formula feeding, you’re probably wondering, ‘How much does formula cost per month?’ We break it down based on what type of feeding you’re doing!

Switching From Breastmilk to Formula: Your Complete Guide

Switching from breastmilk to formula can be overwhelming. Use this guide to find the right formula and learn tips for introducing your breastfed baby a bottle.

Ashley Graham Gets Personal About Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding With Bobbie

We’ve seen Ashley Graham breastfeeding, but in real life she’s combo feeding just like 70% of all parents.

I Combo Fed For Immunity Even Though I Knew My Mental Health Would Suffer

With so much pressure to breastfeed, this Bobbie mom knew combo feeding was best for her health and happiness.

Supplementing With Formula: Can You Mix Breast Milk and Formula?

You can mix breast milk with formula-even in the same bottle! Here’s the how, what and why from pediatrician Dr Lauren Crosby.

I Combo Fed With Baby Formula Even Though My Indian Family Did Not Approve

Although grandma said breast milk was the gold-standard, our mom leaned on formula for two combo feeding journeys.

I Combo Fed When My Workplace Gave Me No Support For Pumping or Breastfeeding

Our Bobbie mom expected her managers to support her after maternity leave. She was wrong!

Combo Feeding Took Me Through, and Beyond, a C-Section and Postpartum Depression

Supplementing with formula provided relief when this Bobbie mom developed PPA from breastfeeding.

Combo Feeding With Baby Formula Does Not Mean You Failed Breastfeeding

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Combination Feeding Helped Me Enjoy Breastfeeding More With My 3rd Baby

Supplementing with formula is an empowering choice for our mom of three.

How Combo Feeding Extended My Breastfeeding Journey Twice

When our Bobbie mom supplemented with baby formula for both kids, she found out that less stress=more milk!

It’s OK to Supplement Your Baby with Formula: A Pediatrician’s Perspective

Not that you need permission to formula feed, but our MD reminds you that baby formula is OK.

Formula Feeding Mom Diary: Week 3 — Tongue Tie & Supplementing with Baby Formula

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Formula Feeding Mom Diary: Week 2 — Lactation Consultant & Pumping

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Formula Feeding Mom Diary: Week 1— Birthing & Breastfeeding

An honest look at the life of a brand new mom. Week #1, is tough with birthing and breastfeeding.

Formula feeding and breastfeeding— Can you do both?

It’s 100% ok to formula feed and breastfeed. It’s called combination feeding.

Combination Feeding: When to start combo feeding your baby and how to make the introduction

Our lactation consultant helps prepare new moms for combo feeding when formula plus breast milk is the solution.

What is Triple Feeding? It’s nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding on repeat.

When moms want to figure out a way to make breastfeeding work-even if that includes supplementing- experts recommend the triple feed. 

Starting baby on solid foods can be scary— Let’s talk choking hazards and allergic reactions

First foods is an exciting time, but also a stressful one for parents.

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Combo Feeding- How to extend your breastfeeding journey with formula

Combo feeding is a great way to go when you want to extend breastfeeding by using formula.

I finally gave myself “permission” to supplement with formula…and I wish I did sooner

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