20+ Best Baby Gifts for Newborns Even the Parents Will Love

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You’ve generously bought the new parent in your life a gift off their baby registry, you showed up with love and support at their baby shower, and now it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The newborn baby has finally arrived! Before you run to Carter’s or Target and start buying onesies as gifts for the new parents, we’d like to offer you a different approach to gift-giving. 

Despite our best efforts, we accumulate a lot of things, myself included. We tend to make Amazon purchases during the middle of the night feedings (whoops!), we’re targets for the “holy grail” product that promises hours of uninterrupted sleep, and gifts are bought with thoughtful intent from generous gift-givers like you. However, parents can be particular about receiving gifts, which is why we intentionally put together this mom approved list of the 20+ best baby gifts for newborns.

How to buy the best newborn gifts:

As a mom of two, I want to help you buy great baby gifts that are practical, thoughtful and bring joy into every home. Here are some tips when buying the best newborn gifts for girls and the best newborn gifts for boys.

  • Make sure you aren’t buying a duplicate gift
  • Include a gift receipt if possible (or ALWAYS!)
  • Consider if the gift aligns with the parent’s lifestyle
  • If there are siblings, will the gift cause a tantrum (if yes, buy a different gift!)
  • Don’t purchase a gift that requires assembly

With input from several other parents, I’ve curated a list of the best newborn gifts that won’t clutter the home, don’t take up a lot of space, and won’t be tossed out after first use.

Best learning and play baby gifts for a newborn

1. Best Musical Board Book: Allegro, A Musical Masterpieces Book

best newborn gifts

Your baby will never tire of hearing one of the 11 timeless compositions in this Allegro music book. Each song pairs with a section of the story, combining music and storytelling for a reading adventure your baby will love. The last song in the book is the perfect, soothing lullaby to help transition your baby to bedtime.

2. Best Developmental Toys: Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

best newborn gifts

It’s no surprise that roaming the aisles of Target trying to decide what gift to buy a newborn can feel overwhelming. Luckily, Lovevery takes out the guesswork for you. Their Play Kit supports every child’s learning development with play essentials tailored to their exact stage, from birth to year 3, making this the perfect gift idea for a newborn!

3. Best Toy with No Sounds: Montessori Activity Pull String Toy

best newborn gifts

This pull-string toy is a parent-preferred option for babies for a few reasons. One, the muted colors fit into any home’s aesthetics, and the strings are made of food-grade silicone, so they’re safe to teeth on, plus you can hook this toy to the car seat or stroller for a fun activity while you’re walking or running errands. Parents also love that this toy doesn’t make sounds! Parents be warned, if there’s a toddler at home, they’ll think this is a super cool UFO toy, so be prepared for “This is mine!” from the oldest!

4. Best Book for Introducing Gratitude: Slumberkins Honey Bear Board Book and Bee Lovey

best newborn gifts

Learning gratitude and appreciation can never be too early, and this book will encourage both. A therapist and educator designed Slumberkins stories to help create a loving bond between parent and child, and this book will leave you both feeling grateful beyond measure. Not to mention, the baby will love the softness of the bee lovely!

5. Best Multi-Use Cups: Mushie Stacking Cups

best newborn gifts

Part of their Danish Hygge collection, the versatility of these Mushie stacking cups makes them an excellent gift for new babies. The cups can help improve fine motor skills, dig up beach sand, or make bath time more fun. They offer these stacking cups in four beautiful color pallets. They’re 100% PBA-free and easy to clean, too. Fun fact: Hygge is the feeling of well-being and coziness!

6. Best Versatile Newborn Mat: UANLAUO Foldable Baby Play Mat

best newborn play mat

You’re going to need a good playmat with a newbie. This one is foldable, beautiful, easy to transport, and simple to clean. These mats can be used to catch food under a highchair or for tummy time fun anywhere you need to put baby down. Comes in assorted sizes and prints, so you can customize the new floor you’ll be seeing for a while…

Best health and wellness baby gifts for a newborn

1. Best Sensitive Skin Newborn Skincare Set: Pipette Baby Travel Kit

best newborn gifts

Parents love travel-size items because they fit perfectly into their diaper bags. Plus, it’s wise to ensure this skincare brand agrees with your baby’s skin before investing in larger quantities. And lucky for newborns, Pipette is EWG-verified and hypoallergenic, making it a safe option for gentle skin. We love the products in this kit because they’re tear-free and fragrance-free, ensuring happy bath time for everyone.

2. Best Cool-Air Humidifier: Canopy Humidifier & Little Dreams Aroma

best newborn gifts

When cold season is upon us, there are many things parents definitely need in their arsenal— and one of those products is a cool air humidifier. This humidifier has a 2.5-liter tank and can run up to 36 hours, meaning the parents don’t have to refill it every few hours. What says you care more than ensuring their baby can breathe better at night?

3. Best Feeding Accessories: Lalo First Bites Feeding Kit

best newborn gifts

When parents build their baby registry, products often overlook feeding essentials for the baby— such as starter cups, suction bowls, and a bib that even pasta sauce can’t stain. Enter Lalo First Bites Kit— A kit that includes it all. Our favorite feature (and the parents, too?) is that everything is dishwasher-safe. Some babies get the OK from their pediatrician to start exploring foods as early as four months, so help the parents prepare for this milestone that’ll be here before they know it.

4. Best Organic Baby Formula: Bobbie Baby Formula Starter Bundle

best newborn gifts

It’s impossible to predict a parent’s feeding journey, but if there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that having a can of formula on hand can help alleviate the pressure of breastfeeding and reassures the parent their baby will be fed. Gifting the gift of healthy baby formula like Bobbie means giving the parent peace of mind. We love this starter bundle as a gift for every newborn— it includes two cans of Bobbie.

Get 2 cans of Bobbie for just $40 + free shipping.

5. Best Natural Bath Bomb: Dabble & Dollop Organic Baby Bath Bombs

best newborn gifts

Newborn babies don’t need a lot on their skin, but if you’re looking for an extra gentle gift that’s moisturizing and sweetly scented, then these bath bombs are it! Each set includes 12 bath bombs in four all-natural scents, and they’re “kid-sized” at 1 inch. If the parent is bathing a toddler with the baby, this bath bomb is the perfect distraction for the oldest!

6. Best Air Purifier for Baby’s Room: Clorox Alexa Smart Large True HEPA Air Purifier

Best newborn gifts

Two things you want with a newborn: quiet and clean. This air purifier offers both. It’s SO quiet (trust us- it’s in our nursery right now) that you can leave it running in auto mode 24/7. It’s “works with Alexa certified” and easily connects to your Alexa smart speaker or the Alexa app, meaning you can control it with your voice or through the app from anywhere (the next room when baby’s napping). It also captures 99.97% of allergens and particulates and 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. You can feel safe while everyone is breathing easy with this newborn gift.

7. Best Muslin Swaddles: Quince 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle 6-Pack

Best swaddles for newborns

Parents to newborns can NEVER have enough swaddles. These magical things work as a blanket, sun cover, nursing sheath, changing pad and more. This 6 piece set, made of 100% cotton muslin, is soft, breathable, and adorably patterned. These will be your go-to’s for years to come.

8. Best Baby Winter Essential: 7AM Enfant Blanket 212

Best baby blanket

If it’s going to be a cold winter for your little one (it is for mine!), they’re going to need a blanket that warms them from head to toe! The 7AM zip-front bunting/sleeping bag keeps them warm from 6 mos to 4 years since it’s adjustable (seriously, the bottom extends)! Pop them in the stroller, pull on that hood, do up the safety harness and get out for a stroll. It’s warm, weatherproof and machine washable. Moms on Amazon say it’s the “Best thing I’ve purchased for my baby” and “Worth every penny”!

9. Best Baby Bath Bundle: Quince Organic Turkish Cotton Baby Bath Bundle

Best newborn gift

You will be needing lots of towels and washcloths and these organic long-staple Turkish cotton ones will last long past the newborn phase. Wrap your littles in the 2 hooded towels and have 6 washcloths for every washing and in-between. We can promise you that good cotton cloths like this will still be in your linen closet for years afterwards, likely you’ll be using them for yourself post-newborn.

Best baby gifts for the nursery of a newborn

1. Best Bath Set: b.box Bath & Skin Care Minis

Best baby bath products

For baby fresh skin, this bath and skincare set is made in Australia and formulated with beautiful botanicals and natural ingredients. b.box body products are suitable for all ages, from bump to baby and beyond (yes, mom, too!)

Bath + skincare minis is a collection of four essential b.box body products; cleanse, soothe, hydrate + protect, each in a convenient 60ml travel size tube, perfect for gifting and on the go. They are great to keep by the changing station, in the diaper bag or even to leave at nana’s house for all the babysitting we hope she’ll be doing.

2. Best Bamboo Crib Sheets: Cozy Earth Bamboo Crib Sheets

best newborn gifts

It’s hard for new parents to predict how often they’ll be changing crib sheets, but something tells us they didn’t register for enough. Enter the gift-giving hero. You. When mom or dad are frantically changing a crib sheet at 3 am, they’ll be thankful to have an extra set nearby. The ultra-soft Cozy Earth Crib Sheet is made from 100% bamboo viscose, a breathable weave and a natural fabric to help regulate the baby’s temperature all night. Oprah described this bedding as the “softest EVER,” so you know it will be loved by parents and babies alike!

3. Best Newborn Clothing Set: Reima x Moomin Baby Box

Best newborn clothing box

What to get the newborn…what to get the newborn… How about a perfectly curated box of gender neutral clothes that will get them through the 0-6 month period? YES. Each Reima Baby Box has 15 carefully selected baby items in exclusive, unisex Moomin designs. The Reima winter box has a sweater, two jumpsuits, four long sleeves onesies, three pairs of joggers, two pairs of socks, two hats, a blanket, a swaddle and a sleepsuit, all in gender-neutral colors. The summer box has a selection of easy-care baby wear for the warm season— think shorts, a swimsuit with natural UV protection, and a light cardigan for chilly evenings. Choose the Reima summer box if the baby will be born between January and May, as the clothes will fit them up until the age of 3-6 months.

4. Best Memory Book: Artifact Uprising Baby Book The Story of You

best newborn gifts

The Story of You is a one-of-a-kind, interactive photo journal filled with thoughtful prompts to help document essential milestones throughout the baby’s first year. Parents love this book since it helps guide them on what to fill in (after all, there’s a lot to remember!) This book has a minimalist design and comes in 7 different colors.

5. Best Newborn Clothing Set: Solly Baby The Daydream Starter Set

best newborn gifts

The perfect set of Solly essentials! This daydreamer set comes with a lightweight, silky soft sleep outfit, and swaddle blanket with the perfect amount of stretch, and a knotted hat to keep a tiny noggin warm. This set comes in three color combinations, plus by buying this starter set, you’re getting a better value than if you were to buy all three items individually. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

6. Best Multi-Use Burp Cloth: YooFoss 100% Muslin Cotton Burp Cloths

best newborn gifts

If there’s one thing parents truly cannot have enough of, it’s quality burp cloths. There is no warning when a baby spits up, so it’s a huge help to have burp cloths around the house. These work hard to absorb the baby’s drool, spit-up, and other unmentionables! Plus, the quality of these burp cloths means you can use them beyond the newborn stage. As more than 15,000 parents have attested to on Amazon, they are great burp cloths and make excellent washcloths for bath time and cleaning rags for those inevitable messes.

7. Best Overall Smart Speaker: Apple HomePod Mini Bundle

best newborn gifts

Our mom brains are running 24-7, which means we’re constantly adding to our to-do lists, scheduling appointments and re-stocking the diaper supply. The HomePod Mini enables parents to stay on top of their to-do’s simply by asking Siri to set a reminder, timer, or to play classical musical while your baby is enjoying tummy time in the nursery. This mother’s helper belongs in each feeding corner of the house. We love the minimalist and sleek design, too!

8. Best Cuddly Companion: Happiest Baby SNOObear 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey

best newborn gifts

When new parents leave the house, there’s so much to remember! With SNOObear, they’re making it even easier. Meet every newborn’s favorite new lovely, SNOObear. It’s a responsive sound machine lovey that turns on when the baby cries, and easily travels everywhere as the babies cuddly companion. We also love the SNOObear because you don’t have to charge it after every use since it takes 2 AA batteries. Enjoy this SNOObear for years to come!

9. Best Matching Family Pajamas: Leveret Matching Family Pajama Set

Best matching family pajamas

We know some of you LOVE matching family pajamas, so let’s start the tradition as soon as baby arrives. Leveret makes adorable matching sets (not just holiday pajamas) for the whole year— so you, your partner, your big kids, your dolls and even your pup can all match bb in solids or prints— whatever the occasion!

Gentle reminders for gift-givers to newborns:

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift for the new bundle of joy in your life. When you’re ready to gift them the item, here are a few reminders:

  • If you’re dropping off their gift, arrange a time or leave it on their porch.
  • Don’t expect an immediate thank you. New parents are busy— and tired.
  • Don’t be offended if they don’t remember who gave them the gift six months from now. It’s not personal!
  • Your generosity and kindness do not go unnoticed by the new parents.

If you’re looking to support the new parent, we have a gift guide for new parents, too!

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant's pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant’s pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

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