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10 On: Poop


Welcome to our new “10 On” content series where our team of medical experts vetted and approved 10 quick tips and facts on top baby topics, no long form article necessary. We’re kicking it off with poop, of course!

Dirty diapers consume most new parents’ time and thoughts. Here are 10 things to know about poop:

1-Premiere poop, the very first one, also known as meconium

Your baby’s first few poops are a sticky, tar-like substance called meconium. Greenish black, it indicates their intestine is working well once it lands in their diaper.

2-Regular blowouts— they will occur!

There’s no point sugarcoating this, life with a newborn is a poop-storm. As their digestion improves (around 8 weeks) infants usually poop once or twice a day, but it’s not unusual for them to go every few days.

3-Color and consistency of babies’ poop matters

Breast milk poop should be mustard-like, and sometimes seedy or mushy. Formula poop should be firmer but still soft and anywhere from pale yellow to brownish green.

4-Poop comes with stinky smells

Baby poop shouldn’t really be stinky until solid foods are introduced.

5-Constipation in babies

Babies should pass poop without a struggle but even the healthiest infant can get a little constipated.

6-Diarrhea and diaper rash

Speak to your doctor ASAP. Left untreated diarrhea can cause your baby to develop a nasty diaper rash or, worse, become dangerously dehydrated. Early signs of dehydration include no tears when crying, dry lips, and no wet diapers for three hours.

7-Diaper free potty training

If you’re game, elimination communication is a method of early potty training. It involves learning your baby’s pooping patterns so you can predict when to bring them to the toilet, and can be introduced anytime from birth onwards.

8-Bloody poop. What does it mean?

Blood in your baby’s stool could be a sign of a sensitivity or allergy to something in your diet or formula. Equally, seek medical advice if you spot any white or clay-colored poop.

9-Are overnight diaper changes necessary?

You really only need to change your baby’s diaper overnight if it’s fully soaked or if they’ve pooped.

10-Pesky poop stains

Poop-covered onesies and changing pads are almost a rite of passage. While it’s a total pain, soaking the item immediately really is the best remedy.

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