19 Must-Haves For Your Second Baby Registry

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To build a baby registry for your second baby or not to build a baby registry for your second baby— That is the question! When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I felt relief knowing this baby wouldn’t be as expensive as her older sister (no offense, Amelia!) And since it was also a girl, we had all the hand-me-downs ready for baby sister, making our second baby registry checklist even smaller. 

But then I got to thinking— what items could we register for that would make life more efficient with two kids? I knew we needed tons of baby basics— diaper subscriptions, baby formula subscriptions, and anything we could click for Amazon Subscribe & Save. I also knew that ‘brand new’ wasn’t as important this time around. I opened my eyes (and mind) to re-sale baby gear and now understood which tech devices really help with a newborn vs a toddler. As a mom of two, I’ve curated these products for your second baby registry. A registry for the second baby is way more down to earth than the first!

Is it selfish to create a second baby registry?

Simply put, no. Expecting families create a baby registry to guide gift-givers in the right direction for pregnancy ideas. Everyone has unique lifestyles and needs, and it’s ok to recommend products best suited for your family. Your needs are different, your family is expanding, and veteran parents know better the second time. Round two is about getting the right stuff, not more stuff.

Do people make a baby registry for the second baby?

Yes, they do. It’s common etiquette for a friend or family member to offer to host you a baby sprinkle, which is a smaller, more intimate gathering of friends and family to help celebrate your second baby. Even if you don’t have a sprinkle, you will still have people who want to buy you gift items, and it’s a great idea to create a checklist for when someone asks what you need.

What do you need on registry for second baby?

Since you likely got lots of fancy products the first time around, this time is for basics and upgrades. If you wished you had that wi-fi monitor the first time around, go for it now. If you know having diapers and wipes delivered to your door each month is important, add that to the list!

Considerations before you build your second baby registry

Before you start building your second baby registry, here are five questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Do I need this now or in a year?
  2. Can I borrow this item instead?
  3. Can I buy this item second-hand?
  4. Do I have the space to store this item when I’m not using it?
  5. Do I already have something like this from our first baby that I can reuse or re-purpose?

Once you’ve considered these questions, you’ll be ready to build a second baby registry best suited to help you welcome baby number two!

The Amazon Baby Registry is convenient and a platform that we’re all super familiar with. 

Babylist Baby Registry is curated yet robust and has an unmatched universal registry tool.

Walmart Baby Registry has everything, and great prices across their brands and third party brands.

MyRegistry helps you create a universal baby registry, meaning they link to all of your favorite baby brands.

Poppylist Baby Registry is a curated, boutique registry which provides a seamless experience for gift-givers.

19 essentials for your second baby registry

19 best baby registry items

Best subscription gifts for second baby registry

1. Best Item for Feeding Support: Bobbie Subscription

best item for a second baby registry

Having organic baby formula available in your pantry is a must-have for second-time parents. A backup option for unpredictable feeding scenarios will give you the peace of mind you deserve as a new parent, especially with another youngster at home. Whatever your feeding goals are, Bobbie is there to support you and lend a hand when you need it.

Get the Starter Bundle of Bobbie for just $40 + free shipping.

2. Best everyday baby product: Coterie Diaper & Wipes Subscription

best item for a second baby registry

With a Coterie diaper subscription, you’ll never have an “oh shit we ran out of diapers” moment again. This diaper brand is developing a cult following among parents, and for good reason. They’re insanely absorbent, their materials and ingredients meet the highest safety standards, and the fabric feels like cashmere. Give yourself the gift of putting diaper and wipe deliveries on autopilot with a Coterie subscription on your baby registry. You will thank yourself later!

Best gifts for the newborn from a second baby registry

3. Best Bath Support for Double Duty: Summer Infant Bath Seat

best item for a second baby registry

I didn’t think I’d be bathing my kids simultaneously, but now it’s become a nightly tradition. Water safety with newborns is essential, especially with a rambunctious toddler who loves to help. This bath seat is a second baby registry must-have that’ll make bath time bubbles fun and safe for both little ones.

4. Best Overall Option for Buying Second-Hand: Rebelstork Gift-Card

best item for a second baby registry

Most baby registries will be less than 100% completed, so this gift card is the perfect option to help you purchase the remaining items for your baby, but from a marketplace that sells quality open-box and gently used baby products from the top brands. Bonus, you get to shop sustainably and buy something that could have been seriously pricey at a discount.

5. Best Gift Item for Independent Play: Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

best item for a second baby registry

Once your baby develops core strength and can hold their head up independently, you’ll appreciate a safe and entertaining seat for your little one. We call this the “bathroom” chair. It’s where my youngest sits when I shower, get ready in the morning, and other moments when I need hands-free time. It’s a practical choice since it grows with your baby, plus it’s easy to clean. If you didn’t have this activity center with your first, we highly recommend it for your second!

Best gifts for mom from a second baby registry

6. Best Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump: Willow 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump

best item for a second baby registry

Multi-tasking and perfecting efficiency is a parent superpower and something that’s even more refined with multiples. If you’re a pumping parent, we recommend adding the Willow Smart portable pump to your baby registry. Rejoice! No more being tethered to an outlet! With the Willow, you can run errands, empty the dishwasher, enjoy a meal, or visit a coffee shop, all while discreetly pumping.

7. Best Postpartum Gift for Mom: Hatch 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle

best item for a second baby registry

From one mom to another, I understand wanting to feel good in your skin but not wanting to wear an actual outfit. Well, this set provides just that! The robe and joggers are functional, buttery soft, and comfortable. Trust me. You don’t need an outfit for visitors. You only need this. Even better, the bra’s skin-to-skin fabric will be your new breast friend and the Rescue Balm doubles as chapstick and nipple ointment. Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes, it just needs to feel like you.

8. Best Caffeinate Gift for Mom: OXO Brew 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

best item for a second baby registry

I will never tire of encouraging parents to add items on their baby registry that support them just as much as the baby, and an upgraded coffee pot deserves a spot front and center on your second baby registry! This coffee maker has a single dial that lets you choose how many cups you want and allows you to set the automatic wake-up timer to begin brewing mom’s morning coffee. It’s basically magic, and you deserve some in your cup.

9. Best Wearable Comfort Baby Carrier: Ergobaby Aerloom Baby Carrier

best item for a second baby registry

It’s time to upgrade your first baby carrier to this new Ergobaby Aerloom carrier. They’ve magically redefined comfort by designing a fabric that stretches and shapes to fit your body’s unique contours, creating a supportive, custom fit for both you and your baby. Fun fact: 87% of the knitted fabric is made from recycled plastic. So not only is this carrier’s carbon footprint light but so is the carrier itself, weighing in at only 1.45 lbs! Who wouldn’t want to be carried in this?

10. Best Toddler Carrier: Tushbaby Hip Carrier

best item for a second baby registry

When introducing a second baby, it won’t be long until your oldest becomes a little clingier to mom and dad. This hip carrier is the perfect option to protect your back when your toddler (or baby) wants up, down, or up again. It’s like a little hip shelf! Grandparents also love this product since it reduces muscular strain while they hold young children. It doubles as the perfect diaper bag, too. This product is a must have for parents of multiple littles!

Best germ free products from a second baby registry

11. Best Snot Sucker: Dr. NozeBot Electric Nasal Aspirator

best item for a second baby registry

My oldest daughter has been in daycare for 3.5 years, and when I tell you I’ve personally tested every nasal aspirator on the market, I am not exaggerating. Meet Dr. NozeBot, your tried and true best friend during the cold season. It will suction out the most stubborn snot, plus your toddler might even enjoy doing it themselves! Did we mention you don’t have to suck on it to get out the boogers? You’re welcome!

12. Best Germ Free Breathing: Canopy Humidifier Nursery Bundle

best item for a second baby registry

A quality humidifier is the best friend in your cold season defense lineup. Look no further than the Canopy Nursery Bundle. Filtered, hydrated air can calm coughs and help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. We love that it comes with dishwasher-safe parts, and the smart technology makes it one of the only humidifiers to combat mold growth inside the humidifier. While it’s busy battling mold, it’s also tackling daycare germs. Good riddance!

13. Best Gift for a Germ-Free Floor: Ruggable Nursery Rug

best item for a second baby registry

Spills and spit-ups are part of parenting life, even more so with two. With a Ruggable Rug, you can worry less about both, knowing you can easily throw your rug in the washing machine, and it’ll still look good as new once it’s dry. Your nursery is a sacred space where you’ll spend a lot of time with both kids, and this rug means you can make more memories and fewer stains. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Best tech products for second baby registry

14. Best Product to Keep Mom Sane: Apple AirPods 2nd Generation

best item for a second baby registry

We can’t stress the importance of being hands-free enough, especially as a parent of two. When you want to catch up on a podcast, stream something on your cell during the middle of the night feeding, or listen to music on a walk, you’ll be grateful for wireless headphones. No more tiny hands pulling on your headphone cord and ripping them out of your ears!

15. Best At-Home Chef Product: Hamilton Beach 6-Quart “Set & Forget” Crockpot

best item for a second baby registry

If a crock pot wasn’t designed for families, I don’t know what was! Your time is valued and limited, and when you’re exhausted from a full day’s worth of parenting littles, cooking a meal is the last thing you might have energy (or time) for. Parents— this is stress-free cooking, and don’t you dare feel weird about putting it on your baby registry! This product is the gift of time, and I know someone would be delighted to buy it for you!

16. Best Smart Baby Monitor: Miku Smart Pro Baby Monitor

best item for a second baby registry

If your kids will be in separate rooms, it’s time to consider upgrading your baby monitors. We love the Miku Smart Pro Monitor with Care+ for a few reasons. You can access the monitors on your phone from basically anywhere. You get notifications if anything seems amiss. And you can hang with your hubby knowing your littles are being looked after. The Miku is worth investing in for everyone’s peace of mind.

Best for two under two from a second baby registry

17. Best Diaper Bag for Two: Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack

best item for a second baby registry

A high-quality, gender-neutral diaper bag that’s roomy enough for diaper necessities for two (or three or four), a material that’s easy to clean, and durable enough for road trips, car rides, and everything in between. We also love this bag’s versatility, as it can easily convert from diaper bag to work bag, travel bag to overnight bag. The diaper bag backpack also comes with a water-resistant, washable zipper bag that comes in handy when there’s a blowout and you need a place to stash the dirty clothes. If you’ve considered upgrading your diaper bag, this is for you!

18. Best Wagon for Family Adventures: Veer All-Terrain Baby Wagon Cruiser

best item for a second baby registry

Depending on your lifestyle, the Veer cruiser might be the best stroller wagon to enable all the adventures and memories you hope to make with your growing family. It has the functionality and safety of a premium stroller, so you don’t have to worry about that! Veer also makes select infant car seat adapters compatible with eight major brands, so make sure to find yours and add it to your second baby registry, too.

19. Best Stroller Ride-Along Board: UPPababy PiggyBack Ride-Along Board

best item for a second baby registry

There’s a 50% chance you have an UPPAbaby stroller. And if so, this ride-along board is a must! Once your oldest has outgrown the stroller, they’ll love riding on this “skateboard.” There’s a sense of independence for the oldest kid, making towing two kids into the grocery store a breeze (with plenty of snacks, of course). We use this daily, and we think your family would love it, too!

Where should you register for the second baby?

There are several registry platforms with different options for expecting parents. Once you decide on your needs, you can choose a baby registry provider that best fits you and your growing family.

A love note on becoming a parent of two

In the same breath, life with two is utterly chaotic and picture-perfect. You will have days where you feel wholly inadequate yet superhuman. It will knock you on your feet in the best way possible, but we hope this checklist will help you stand back up. On days when you’re overwhelmed, this is a reminder to reach out to your village and ask for help. 

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant's pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant’s pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

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