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There is no better review of a product than one that’s from a mom— and a nutrition scientist— who uses the product for her own baby. For our baby formula review, we spoke with Bobbie’s Medical Affairs Lead, Elieke Kearns, PhD, RD. As a dietitian, nutrition scientist, and mom, she shared why she chose Bobbie organic infant formula for her baby. 

Why did you choose Bobbie infant formula for your baby?

I chose Bobbie for my little one because it is a safe infant formula that offers all of the critical nutrients in the right amounts from ingredients I feel confident in. It’s a formula that helped my little one grow and develop optimally while giving me the peace of mind as we transitioned into supplementing and eventually weaned to exclusive formula (and solids) around 7.5 months.

As mom to a newborn, what was your personal feeding journey like?

As a new mom, my feeding plan was to breastfeed exclusively, my goal was to meet the AAP recommendation of 6 months which I’d spent years recommending as a nutrition expert. I was able to exclusively breastfeed my son Leif for the first 4 ½ months of his life. I struggled with many, many clogged milk ducts in the first few weeks, had a terrible bout of mastitis and eventually accepted that exclusive pumping was the right method for our journey. It was hard, but it was what worked for us for these first months until I needed to supplement with formula, that’s when I turned to Bobbie infant formula.

When did you start to combo feed?

It was at our 4 month baby well-visit when our pediatrician asked, “how is breastfeeding going?”. The reality was that it was not going well and she could tell by looking at Leif’s growth curve. She said that we needed to start supplementing because our little guy was dropping in weight. As a nutrition professional, I knew that infant formula could be a great option to support babies growth and development, however, having the doctor tell me that I would not be able to meet my goal of exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months hit me like a ton of bricks. 

How does your education relate to baby formula?

As a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Scientist, I’ve been on a mission to make food less confusing through my nutrition research expertise, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) background, and deep appreciation for the complexities of food. I received my doctoral degree from the University of California, Davis where I completed my Ph.D. in Nutritional Biology with an emphasis in both Immunology and Biotechnology. I absolutely love geeking out about nutrition – both professionally and personally, which is why I was so excited about Bobbie. 

6 Reasons why parents love Bobbie organic baby formula

My fellow dietitian & mom friends love and recommend Bobbie. Here are six of the main reasons that I recommend Bobbie to new parents and caregivers.

1. Bobbie is a safe option. Bobbie is an infant formula made in the US that meets all FDA requirements and is inspired by ingredient sourcing practices and nutritional requirements for EU infant formulas.

2. The DHA content. DHA is not a required nutrient in the US for infant formula, but this important omega-3 fatty acid is very critical for our babies’ rapid brain development. At 20mg per 100kcal, Bobbie meets the EU requirement for DHA in infant formula

3. The first ingredient is lactose. This sugar is the most common form found in breast milk and is a source of energy to fuel growth. 

4. Bobbie supports easy digestion. Bobbie uses cow’s milk with added whey protein to ensure that the types and amounts of protein are similar to that of breast milk (60% whey and 40% casein). This supports easy digestion.

5. Bobbie uses high-quality ingredients and rigorously tests for over 400 industrial and environmental contaminants and toxins including heavy metals, pesticide residues, and plastics. It’s the only infant formula to have received both the Clean Label Purity Award and Pesticide Free certification. 

6. Bobbie uses a subscription model. How much your baby eats changes throughout the journey, at least it did for us – we went from supplementing with one bottle a day to eventually exclusive formula (with complementary foods). With a subscription, it’s so easy to increase, decrease, or skip an order and the convenience of it showing up on your doorstep cannot be beaten. 

Most asked questions about Bobbie baby formula

Is Bobbie baby formula FDA approved?

This is a bit nuanced, but a very, very important topic. Infant formula is a food that is not “approved” by the FDA. In order to legally sell infant formula in the US, the FDA does an extensive review of the product and how it’s made before giving the manufacturing facility the green light. All infant formulas legally sold in the US meet the FDA requirements for quality and nutrition.

Was Bobbie formula recalled?

In 2019, the FDA issued a recall of Bobbie product due to a labeling issue. It had nothing to do with the product or the ingredients. How our leadership handled this is something I’m so proud of, the team diligently worked together with the FDA and our manufacturing partner, Perrigo. One year later Bobbie received the green light to launch as an FDA regulated infant formula. 

What’s unique about Bobbie’s ingredients?

Proteins in Bobbie: 

When looking at formula ingredients I always look at the amount of protein types. There are 2 types of protein in all mammalian milk (cow, goat, & human) – they are called whey and casein. The amount of each of these 2 proteins is important. Human breast milk consists of 60% whey and 40% casein. Bobbie has this 60:40 ratio as well, which helps support gentle digestion.

Sugar in Bobbie:

Next, I look at sugar. Babies need sugar, but the type of sugar used can vary from formula to formula. I like a formula that uses only lactose, the sugar naturally found in milk. The only sugar in Bobbie is lactose, this means there is no sucrose, maltose, corn syrup, glucose syrup, brown rice syrup, or maltodextrin. 

Did you know that human milk has more lactose than most other kinds of milks, including cow or goat milk?! This is true even if mom does not eat dairy.

Fats in Bobbie:

Roughly 50% of the calories in breast milk come from fat. Infants are naturally able to digest many different types of fats, in part because the type of fat found in breast milk depends heavily on what fats mom ate – this is not true for protein and carbohydrates. Common fat types used in infant formula include: palm, soy, coconut, canola, sunflower, and safflower. I like an infant formula that provides omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA.

Does Bobbie have palm oil?

Bobbie does not contain Palm oil. The reason why many infant formulas use palm oil is because it provides a high amount of “palmitic acid” which is also found in large amounts in breastmilk. What’s interesting though is that how your body uses and absorbs palmitic acid from breast milk vs. pam oil is different.  

Is Bobbie similar to European formula?

Some parents may choose to use imported European infant formula because of the belief that these formulas are of higher quality. However, did you know that there is no scientific evidence or research showing that imported European formula is better for your baby?! In fact, imported European infant formulas are illegally sold in the US and there can be significant unknowns associated with feeding these formulas to your baby such as shipping and storage concerns, instructions in foreign languages, and recall notice delays. 

Like many EU infant formulas, the Bobbie recipe is simple and focused on quality nutrition. In fact, Bobbie meets many of the EU infant formula requirements in addition to all US infant formula requirements.

Where is Bobbie formula made?

Bobbie is a US infant formula that meets all FDA requirements. It’s made in the US— in Vermont— using high quality organic ingredients

Why is Bobbie easy on digestion?

Bobbie’s whey to casein ratio is 60:40. This protein ratio is similar to the protein ratio of breast milk and is designed to support gentle digestion, supporting those growing little tummies while being easy on the gut.

Is Bobbie formula expensive?

Bobbie is slightly higher priced than other formulas sold in the US. They believe that ‘Every Ingredient Counts’ and that they should choose ingredients that have everything you want as a parent; organic, non-gmo, and high quality. 

Is Bobbie easy to prepare?

Yes. The formula instructions for preparing Bobbie are on the can. You should always follow the instructions. A baby bottle is very easy to make, as long as you follow the brand’s specific instructions. 

What age is Bobbie formula for?

Bobbie provides complete nutrition for healthy infants 0-12 months