15+ Best Gifts for New Parents

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It’s not uncommon for parents of newborn babies to forget about their own needs. As a mom of two, I can speak from first-hand experience. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was caught up in the facade of motherhood, and I was a little naive, too. I spent too much time thinking about what wallpaper we’d install in her nursery, the coordinating newborn outfits, the boucle rocker, and the perfectly arranged bookshelves. While all of these things were incredibly special and fun, I missed the preparation part that comes after birth.

My experience is not unique, and it’s the reason we compiled this list of the best gifts for new parents. There’s so much we can do to support new parents! We can do things like buy them healthy baby formula in advance in case their baby doesn’t latch, purchase a blender to make it easier to eat healthy, or even encourage simple hygiene habits to make the new parent feel a little like themselves. All three of these were my real-life experiences, and I know I’m not alone.

In addition to the above, our 2022 and 2023 best gifts for new parents include items that make documenting precious milestones easier, that rally the family to create fun memories, lend an extra hand when they need three, and everything else in between. Parents are selfless by nature and deserve gifts that support them as they embark on their new journey into parenthood. So, let’s dive in!

15+ best gifts for new parents

Best Gift to Make Mom Feel Safe: Google Nest Doorbell (Wired, 2nd Generation)

Best safety gift for new parents

The Google Doorbell is the ultimate peace of mind gift. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your home and your package deliveries, and sends helpful notifications when someone is at the door. Want to SEE who is at your door? Check the app on your phone or connect it to your Google Pixel Tablet (see below) and you can take a peek even while feeding the BB. Whether you can get to the door or not, you can chat with visitors remotely and even respond with pre-recorded messages— “Sorry, new mom can’t make it to the door!”

Best Gift for Mom That Needs a Nap: Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

Basically, the gift that every mom needs— anything that will help her sleep! Weighted blankets operate through Deep Pressure Touch, which has been shown in numerous studies to naturally lower cortisol, the stress hormone, and increase serotonin, the happy hormone. When serotonin converts to melatonin, the body receives the cue to rest.

CEO + Founder of Baloo Living, Elizabeth Grojean, says, “Sleeping with a weighted blanket is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to deal with the insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue that follows a new baby.”

Best Multi-Tasking Baby Bag: Fable Meadow Creatures Quilted Tote

Best tote bag

Every parent needs their carry-all, and whether they want it to be an ‘official’ baby bag or not, it needs to hold a lot of stuff, be lightweight and be easy to carry. We love Fable for their whimsical prints done on a lightweight 100% cotton. These are light as can be, can be tucked easily into the stroller and used as a back-up bag to mom’s purse for all of the baby essentials she’ll be needing to have on-hand.

Best Gift for Parents Who Don’t Cook: Beast Blender Smoothie Maker

Best Gifts for New Parents

There are so many things we love about the Beast Blender. It’s slender and doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space, busy parents can take their smoothie on the go, and it’s a simple and quick way to ensure the new mom or dad is getting the nutrients they need. New parents don’t have the luxury of cooking many meals, but the beast blender can at least get them what they need when they need it.

Best Gender-Neutral Diaper Bag: Kibou Diaper Bag Fanny Pack

Best Gifts for New Parents

The Kibou is a must-give gift if the new parent didn’t receive this from their baby registry. The fanny pack diaper bag is made of vegan leather and comes in several gender-neutral colors. It has a detachable changing pad and waterproof pockets for wipes; plus, its zipper pockets are deceivingly roomy, meaning it’ll hold all your necessities on an outing with your baby. Any gift that makes leaving the house more accessible and guarantees parents can be hands-free is a must for us!

Best Self-Care Set for Mom: Naples Soap Company Lavender Luxe Box

Best spa gift for mom

Besides the fact that we love anything made with lavender, a spa gift set may be the closest any new mom may get to an actual spa for quite some time. This Naples Soap gift set, with a scrub, body butter, shower bomb and more, will help her look and smell a bit more calm and refreshed during her first year of sleepless nights and showerless days.

Best Lounger for a Hands Free Moment: Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer

Newborn baby bouncer

If you’re looking to give the new parent a safe place to set the baby down, look no further than this much loved baby bouncer from Ergobaby. The lounger instantly hugs the baby’s body, giving them an instant calming and comforting feeling. As a reminder, this is not a sleeping device. The bouncer offers a safe space for the supervised baby to sit while you get your hands back. It’s truly a lifesaver for new parents!

Best Overall Blanket for Parents: YETI Lowlands Blanket

Best Gifts for New Parents

The YETI lowlands blanket is the blanket that should be in the trunk of every family’s vehicle. It has a waterproof utility layer on the bottom and a supremely soft layer on top, making it ideal for any outdoor adventure. This blanket can handle the messiest diaper changes and spit-ups and repels water, dirt, and dog hair. Plus, it’s machine washable, which is a win-win for everyone!

Best Personalized Gift for Mom: SallyRose Disney Minnie Mouse Script Necklace

Best personalized gift for mom

Gifting the new mom in your life with a pendant necklace is timeless, thoughtful, and a piece of jewelry she’ll wear daily with pride. If she loves Disney, this personalized SallyRose script necklace can be worn with everyday outfits and will stand up to the daily demands of parenthood. Select the name of your choice in gold or silver when you purchase this gift. Who wouldn’t love to wear their child’s name close to their heart? (If mom is more of an initial person, they’ve got a Disney initial necklace, too!)

Best Custom Board Book: Artifact Uprising Baby Board Book

Best Gifts for New Parents

As much as this book will be a keepsake for mom and dad, it’s also the perfect board book made durable enough for tiny hands to flip the pages. Fill this book with photos of the parent’s pregnancy journey, meeting their baby, or family members like Grandma, Papa, Uncle, etc. Everyone will cherish this baby book for years to come, making it one of the most thoughtful gifts for new parents.

Best Gift for Creative Parents: KODAK Mini Shot 3 Retro 4PASS 2-in-1 Instant Digital Camera and Photo Printer

Best instant camera

It’s not unusual for new parents to want to limit screen time for their little ones, including being intentional about when they’re on their phones. So a fun, unique way to capture little everyday moments without the tech is with a polaroid. Hello, nostalgia! New parents will love putting their pics on their fridge, including them in thank you cards, and placing these sweet, instant memories of the early days in a keepsake drawer. Plus, they don’t have to get in a car to pick up prints!

Best Gift for Parents who Love Adventure: Veer Cruiser Wagon for Kids

Best Gifts for New Parents

There is no climate, terrain, or season that the Cruiser can’t navigate, making it one of the most sought-after wagons on the market for new parents. This Cruiser has attachments for just about any infant car seat. It’s easy to reimagine family adventures with a wagon built for infants, youth sports, camping trips, walks to the park, and every other memory the family will make.

Best Gift for Clean Air: Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Every parent wants their newborn to come into the cleanest possible world, so an air purifier is high up on the list or new parent gifts. The Rabbit Air HEPA Air Purifier is minimal in appearance and very quiet (no motor brushes is the reason here!), yet handles the task of removing airborne allergens, smoke, dust, mold, and VOCs. You can set it on the floor or wall mount if you need the space. You can also customize the use— focusing on filters for germ defense, odor removal or pet allergy.

Best Gift for Tech-Savvy Parents: Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock

Best tech gift for new parents

How cool would it be to say, “Hey, Google, call Grandma!” while you’re feeding the baby? With the Google Pixel Tablet, you can! We love this gift for new moms since it’s hands-free and does everything! When it’s on the dock, you can control your whole smart home. When you take it off the dock, you can take it around the house with you!

You can check out who’s at your front door (see the Google Nest Doorbell above), access video feeds from any Nest Camera in your home, play meditations while breastfeeding and even add reminders to your grocery list. Whether you’re checking in on your baby while they sleep or making sure a package has been delivered, the Google Pixel is a great device to have in the home for every new family. Did we mention listen to music and watch shows on Netflix? Hell yeah!

Best T-Shirt Carrier for Dad: Lalabu, Dad Carrier Shirt

Best Gifts for New Parents

We love the ease and simplicity of this carrier for new dads. On the surface, it’s a simple tee. But it’s so much more than that. This shirt allows for instant bonding and allows the dad to be hands-free while keeping the baby close. The carrier also has the perfect little headrest to gently secure the head when the baby falls asleep. What’s not to love about the versatility of this dad carrier shirt? 

Best Gift for Clean Freak Parents: Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Best Gifts for New Parents

We know what you’re thinking, a vacuum? YES. Let us explain. We’re looking ahead here. When the newborn baby grows up and starts snacking on puffs that they’ll inevitably drop all over the car, mom and dad will be exceptionally grateful for a powerful, slim device that makes picking up even the messiest messes easy. It’s so small it’ll fit in any full-size diaper bag! Did we mention it tackles pet hair, too? So, if the new parent in your life has a pet, this gift is a no-brainer! With over 14,000 Amazon reviews we know this is a winner!

Best Book for Nourishing the New Mother: The First Forty Days by Heng Ou

Best Gifts for New Parents

It’s OK to buy this book even if it’s been 40 days since mom welcomed her baby because she’ll be nourishing her body for months to come postpartum. This book is a guide on creating space for recovery, essential recipes for healing from the inside out, and it provides resources and tools to ask your community for help. If there was such a thing as a ‘new mom bible,’ this is it.

Best Organic Baby Formula: Bobbie Formula Starter Pack

Best organic baby formula

If there’s one gift new parents deserve, it’s peace of mind. It’s hard to predict any one person’s feeding journey, and it’s always a good idea to have baby formula on hand just in case. By gifting them Bobbie, you’re guaranteeing they can feed their baby a safe and trusted formula. The starter bundle offers parents two cans of Bobbie. If the formula works for their baby, you can help them subscribe to get Bobbie shipped directly to their doorstep every month.

Best Diaper Set: Coterie’s Newborn Gift Set

Best newborn gift

The Newborn Gift from Coterie is every parents’ starter diaper set. It includes The Pouch and a Charlie the Bunny plushie, plus 2 packs of diapers (Size N + 1), 1 travel-pack of wipes, and a foil-stamped card—thoughtfully wrapped in a keepsake box. The Pouch holds a day’s worth of diapers and travel wipes with room for a bottle or toys. Coterie’s diapers and wipes are gentle on newborn skin (hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, dyes, and 200+ chemicals) and a favorite of Bobbie moms for absorbency (even at night!).

Best Gift for Music Lovers: Vinyl of the Month Club

Best gift for music lovers

There’s a lot new parents can’t do with a newborn (reading??), but listening to music is always possible. With Amazon’s Vinyl of the Month Club, choose your favorite genres and your favorite albums will arrive at your doorstep month after month. (We may have just added to cart!)

Best New Parent Gift FAQs

What is the best gift to give new parents?

The best gift to give new parents is recognition and support for doing something so incredibly hard, new, and brave. Whether they’re first-time or veteran parents, it’s still all-consuming, overwhelming, beautiful, and exhausting. Did we mention exhausting? So, send an encouraging text and remind the new parent that you’re available if they need anything. But if you’re looking for a tangible gift, continue reading to browse the 15 best gifts for new parents!  

What do you get new parents as a gift?

This depends, and it’s certainly unique for every new parent. Before you send a gift, make sure it aligns with their lifestyle. In addition, does the gift take up space, and if so, do they have the storage to put it away when they’re not using it? Can they use your present now or later? If later, you may want to delay your delivery. Either way, your thoughtfulness in sending a gift will not go unnoticed.

What do new parents need for themselves?

New parents need a lot, especially if a community of friends and family doesn’t surround them. One of the most important things new parents need, and often don’t prioritize for themselves, is nourishment. That can be through meals, snacks, or anything in between. It’s one of the reasons we list a blender as a gift for new parents because it’s an easy and sure way they’ll get the nutrients they need to sustain their energy. If supporting a new parent with food is your preference, send a virtual food delivery gift card from Instacart. Meal boxes like Hello Fresh (they do great holiday meals) is a life-saver for cooks who don’t have time to shop and Tovala (we love the oven!) provides delicious pre-made meals without any work.

Choosing the best gift for new parents:

We hope this list of best gifts for new parents has inspired you to buy something to best support the new mom or dad in your life. New parents deserve to feel supported as much as the new baby, and we know your generosity and kindness in purchasing them a gift will make them feel like they aren’t alone on their parenthood journey.

If you’re looking for the best newborn gifts, we’ve got those, too!

Happy gifting!

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant's pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant’s pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

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