Best Father’s Day Gifts 2024

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day. We had you covered for Mother’s Day this year, and now we’ve got you for Father’s Day, too! For me, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to thank my husband for everything that he does for our family. If you feel the same way, I’m sure you’ve already been on the search for the best Father’s Day gifts to show your appreciation for the fathers in your life! Whether it’s a gift for your partner, father, grandpa, or favorite uncle, we’ve got you covered for the best Father’s Day gift.

I’ve asked dads, moms, family, and friends what were the best Father’s Day gifts 2022 and 2023, and with that insight we’ve compiled the best Father’s Day gifts for 2024.

21 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2024

Best Gifts for New Dads

Best Baby Carrier for Dad: Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

Father's day gifts

Let’s be honest: baby carriers are essential when you have a baby! The Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier is a great gift for a new dad. I loved that my husband had his own baby carrier when my girls were little because we never had to adjust the size or straps between the two of us! When baby is fussing, dad can toss it on and wear his baby hands-free. The best part? It grows with your baby, so they can hang-out with dad well into toddlerhood.

Best Subscription Baby Formula: Bobbie Organic Infant Formula Starter Bundle

Father's day gifts

For a new dad that wants to be part of baby’s feeding journey, look no further than Bobbie Organic Infant Formula. Certified EU and USDA organic, Bobbie’s formula offers the perfect way for dad to take on some feedings. Pro-tip (from a mom): No late night runs to the store for formula for dad. With Bobbie’s subscription, it’s delivered right to your door.

Best Coffee System for Dad: L’OR BARISTA Coffee & Espresso System

Father's day gifts

New dads are TIRED, especially if they’re taking that middle-of-the-night feed. Plus, any good dad should be getting that coffee ready for their partner in the morning, because in a house with a new baby, EVERYONE is tired. This system makes both coffee and espresso in six different beverage sizes and heats up in just 25 seconds! The best part? It’ll also look beautiful on your counter right next to the drying rack full of bottles.

Best Comfortable Clothes for Dad: Comfy Joggers from Cozy Earth

Father's day gifts

These super soft and comfy jogger pants are a win for the new dad in your life. With a new baby, you’re doing a lot of lounging around the house and taking in all of the snuggles and sweet moments, and these pants are perfect for that. They’re super versatile, and dad can sport them on a morning walk and then hop into bed at nap time for some shut eye and be comfortable the whole time.

Best Gifts for Working Dads

Best Bag for Dads: Fjallraven Kanken Backpack 

Father's day gifts

A versatile and easy-to-wear bag is critical for the busy dad in your life. The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is a personal favorite of my husband. It’s sleek, has a ton of compartments, and it can be used for anything. He takes it to work every day, uses it while he travels, and has even made it a diaper bag for taking the kids out!

Best Computer for Working Dads: MacBook Air

Father's day gifts

Does he WFH? The new MacBook Air with M2 is perfect for his home office and on-the-go. With a slender design, higher speeds, and up to 18 hours of battery life, Dad can be more productive than ever, from anywhere. For the important video calls, it has a four-speaker sound system, three-mic array, and 1080p. HD FaceTime camera to make his meeting experience smooth.

Best Easy Meals for Dads: Tovala Smart Oven

Father's day gifts

How many nights a week are you asking each other, “so…who is making dinner?”.  The Tovala smart oven is the perfect Father’s Day  gift for those moments! Dad can make a fresh meal for the whole family in just minutes. You can get fresh meals delivered right to your door, and with just one minute of prep and a scan of the QR code, the smart oven cooks your meal to perfection. When not making meals, you can use the Tovala oven as a basic toaster oven, good for simple reheating, baking, broiling, air frying, and toasting. Not only is it great for busy dads, it’s also a great gift idea for your older dad who might live alone or enjoy a good, quick meal.

Best Gifts for Techie Dads

Best Smart Phone for Dads: Google Pixel 7a

Father's day gifts

If you know a dad that loves getting this hands on the newest technology, then the Google Pixel 7a is the gift for him. It has the newest hardware and software at an accessible price. It offers new AI technology, is available in four unique colors, and– with a new upgraded camera system, it’s perfect for dad to snap some great pictures of the kids (and mom, too!). 

Best New Language Platform for Dads: Babbel

Best new language platform

For every dad that wants to keep learning and growing (or at the very least traveling), we want to help him learn that second language!

Babbel is the most sold and most effective language-learning platform in the world. Users can learn 14 languages although Spanish, Italian and French are by far the most popular for American dads. With 20 minutes per day, 92% of students improve their proficiency in just two months.

Best Headphones for Dads: Dyson Zone Headphones with Air Purification 

Father's day gifts

If you know a dad who lives in the city, these headphones are a great and unique gift. Not only can they block out the loud sounds of traffic, but they can also use the contact-free visor to filter and purify the air around them. With the enhanced battery, dad can get up to 50 hours of listening and up to 4 hours of air purification per charge. It’s also easy to check his local air quality by checking the Dyson app, so he’ll know the right times to pop on the purification visor. 

Best Gaming Headphones for Dads: Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headphones

Father's day gifts

With over 20,000 reviews, these are the ultimate wireless headphones for any gamer. Once the kids go to bed, dad can easily wind-down with these comfortable, noise-canceling headphones and his favorite game.  

Best Gifts for Foodie Dads

Best Meal Subscription for Dads: HelloFresh Meal Delivery 

Father's day gifts

This is a great gift option for our foodie-dads. I’ve used HelloFresh, and it’s such a great and easy way to explore new recipes and try new foods. All meals are delivered right to your door with all of the ingredients dad will need to create a tasty meal. You can also treat dad with their “Father’s Day Fixins” box, which includes a three-course meal with everything you need for a Father’s Day feast!

Best Knife Set for Chef Dads: CUTLUXE Chef Knife Set

Best knife set

Whether dad’s a carnivore or an omnivore, he’ll love a new set of sharp knives that actually work. This 8-piece set of high carbon German steel knives comes in a cool, natural acacia wood block that will look pretty on the counter while being functional for all types of meal prep. And not just on father’s day, of course.

Best Cookware Set for Dads: Beautiful by Drew 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

Father's day gifts

The best gift if dad loves to cook. Not only is the set gorgeous to look at (and it comes in 4 colors!), it also has great ratings. The pots and pans can be used both on the stove and in the oven up to 500 degrees. They’re coated with a safe, non-toxic coating and are durable. These are great for a dad that’s either new to the kitchen or a veteran chef. Whether he’s making the kids mac n’ cheese or something more gourmet, this is the set to do it in.

Best Grill for Dads: Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven, Griddle, and Grill

Father's day gifts

This grill has it all for any dad that loves to cook outdoors in warm weather. He can use it as a grill for the classic hamburgers and hotdogs, but with this versatile and one-of-a-kind unit, pizza night can be just as easy. It includes a storage shelf for any cooking surface not in use (anything with built-in storage gets an A+ in my book!) and is even travel friendly for camping or tailgates.

Best Gifts for Active Dads

Best Kayak for Dads: Bestway Hydro Force Inflatable Kayak Set

Best father's day kayak

For every dad with the dream of kayaking, here’s an option that they have room for whether they’ll use it on the reg or not! The inflatable kayak set from Bestway includes 2 seats, 2 paddles, a hand pump and a storage carry bag. Dad can use it himself, and then bring the kids along once they’re old enough (recommended for kids 1+ with safety precautions being taken).

The comfortably-sized cockpit features two inflatable seats with backrests for extra support. It also has plenty of storage space for snacks, extra equipment or any other water necessities. Plus, it navigates the water with ease using the fins on the bottom, which are removable to ensure easy and compact storage. Transporting or docking this kayak is a breeze using the wraparound grab rope.

Best Watch for Dads: Cubitt CT4 GPS Smart Watch

Father's day gifts

If dad loves hiking and running, this smartwatch is for him. It tracks daily activity such as steps and workouts, has a built-in GPS system, and can withstand dirt, dust, sand, and water. It’ll be easy for him to keep in touch on his adventures with classic smart functions like call, text, and social notifications right at his fingertips. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that he’s not totally off-the-grid, and he’ll feel safe by monitoring his heart rate, stress levels, and more.

Best Workout Equipment for Dads: Peloton Bike+

Father's day gifts

The ultimate home workout is with none other than Peloton. With this indoor stationary bike, dad can get a full body workout in even the smallest of spaces. The bike includes a 360° rotating screen to make it easy to follow Peloton’s famous workout classes. It would definitely be the gift that keeps on giving! Plus he can be on dad duty AND in workout mode all at once.

Best Gift for Dads that Golf: PrecisionPro NX10 Slope Rangefinder 

Father's day gifts

When I asked my family about their favorite Father’s Day Gift that they had given, my sister-in-law said this rangefinder is hands down the best gift she’s gotten for her husband. If the dad in your life is an avid golfer, this is perfect. My brother-in-law swears his scores have improved with this tool. When dad gets the treat of a round of golf on his day off, help him perfect his game and break his own personal-records with this rangefinder!

Best Gift for Health-Conscious Dads: Kroma 5-Day Wellness Reset

Father's day gifts

This 5-day reset is unlike any cleanse or detox out there. Each day includes nine nutritious meals and/or beverages, meaning dad won’t be starving during his reset. He can conveniently improve digestion, get more energy, de-bloat, and more while either working, traveling, or hanging out at home with the family.

Best Gifts for Any Dad

Best Phone Accessories: Peak Design Phone Case and Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand

Best phone case

For every dad that needs a new phone case and charger, we recommend the Peak Design Mobile Ecosystem. The set starts with the Magsafe-compatible Phone Case, which charges on the Wireless Charging Stand and then connects via the Charging Car Mount while driving. The magnet is so fierce, you’ll always know exactly where it is.

These pieces connect so seamlessly— giving dad a reason to finally throw out his beat up phone case and move up to something so much more fierce. Also, when he asks ‘where’s the phone’, you know it’s ON the charging stand.

Best Skincare for Dads: Jack Black Skin Saviors Kit

Father's day gifts

Pamper him with a full skin care regimen fit for a king! The extremely affordable Skin Saviors Kit includes a daily cleanser, energizing face scrub, moisturizer with SPF, and lip balm. Each piece fits TSA-approved sizing guidelines, which is also great for trial. I bet he’ll be hooked, and the regimen will become a part of his daily routine.

Most Thoughtful Gift for Dads: Modern Wall Tiles from Artifact Uprising

Father's day gifts

Most Unique Gift for Dads: New Men’s Wardrobe From Stitch Fix

Father's day gifts

Give dad the gift of time and new clothes with an order from Stitch Fix. You can send a whole-new wardrobe to him right in a box.  Once dad takes the easy online style quiz, an expert stylist curates pieces to ship right to his door. He can try on his new wardrobe in the comfort of his own home– and returns and exchanges are free and easy. He’ll love the new pieces selected by an actual stylist and you’ll be off the hook from doing his shopping.

Best Daddy and Me Outfits for Father’s Day: Monica + Andy Daddy and Me Outfits

Father's day gifts

Who doesn’t love a matching daddy and me moment?! With these super cute outfits from Monica + Andy, you can match the whole family. Surprise dad with these so you can all match for your Father’s Day activities. Be sure to snap some pictures!

Choosing the Best Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is a great opportunity each year to thank the dads in our lives for everything they do to help our family. Whether you’re buying a gift for a new dad, seasoned dad, or even a grandpa, the most important thing is for it to be from the heart.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant's pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant’s pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

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