12+ Best Gifts for Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

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Whether or not you bought into the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day prior to becoming a parent, you’re probably more into it now that you’ve learned a love like no other: the one you have for your child. Even the least sentimental moms and dads can get behind the idea of taking extra time out of their day to celebrate the love(s) of their life.

Your baby may not have any recollection of their first Valentine’s Day, but it’s still an excuse to spoil them with sweet gifts and kiss them even more than you already do on a daily basis. Not sure what to buy a baby for Valentine’s Day? Not to worry—the internet is flooded with the sweetest gifts for babies to help them celebrate the day of love. From a sweet card to a beautiful board book to precious pajamas to a brand-new bottle set clad in hearts, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for baby’s first Valentine’s Day.  

12+ Best Baby Valentine’s Gifts

Best Keepsake Journal, Lucy Darling Little Artist Baby Memory Book

There are so many things to remember from this first year. So many that you’ll never remember, but want to! This beautiful gift can be kept by the side table and filled in as/when things happen. The special little moments like the first giggle, the first blow-out poop, the first sleep through the night. And the first wave hello— one of our favorite moments.

Best Valentine’s Print, Kyte Baby Sleep Bag in Cherry

Best Valentine's Print for baby

Everything in Kyte’s cherry print is ADORABLE. We love the sleep bag, but feel free to match up the whole family including mom’s t-shirt, older kids jammies and even crib sheets in cherry print to make the whole month feel festive!

Best Teether, Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy for Babies

Best baby teether

These innovative, lightweight silicone teether toys for babies are bright, eye-catching and come in tons of colors. They’re the perfect teething toy for babies to play and soothe. The easy to grip arms and its light weight make the Monkey Teether simple to hold for even the youngest babies. They also help promote the development of fine motor skills from an early age. As they get older, you can graduate to the Dancing Monkey Teethers, which are even a little bit cuter!

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Best Baby Lounger, SNUGGLE ME ORGANIC Organic Infant Lounger

Best baby lounger

The best gift for mom this V day? A place to put baby down! At least a really great, safe, soft place to put them, to enjoy all of the smiles and cuddles they could ask for. The Lounger is organic, sustainable and ethically made in the USA. Snuggle Me entrusts local Minnesota seamstresses and fillers with the crafting of each Snuggle Me Lounger. They’re made with non-toxic, breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics and filled with washable polyester fiber fill.

Best Bottle Set, NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottles

Best baby bottles for Valentine's Day Gift

You can never go wrong with an extra set of bottles. Even if you think you already have enough, there’s always the chance that you leave one somewhere or lose it in your own house (it’s probably underneath the couch or your child’s rocking chair). This heart-patterned set is so sweet, especially for celebrating your baby’s first Valentine’s Day. They feature NUK’s extra-soft nipple that provides a more natural feel for baby along with anti-colic features to help reduce spit-up and tummy troubles. 

Best Hooded Towel, Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin & Terry Infant Hooded Bath Towel 

Best baby bath towel

Every baby needs a deliciously cozy hooded bath towel. Why not a ‘watercolor roses’ print for Valentine’s Day? You can add a solid or other print for the regular days, even though this may be your favorite all year round.

Best Baby Reference Book, Britannica’s Baby Encyclopedia

First baby book

Most grown kids don’t know what an encyclopedia is, but we want them to know ALL the things. This adorable encyclopedia (for kids ages 0-3) has gorgeous pics for the basic words they’ll be learning to say and spell very soon. It features colorful illustrations by Hanako Clulow. Reviewed by early-years specialist Dr. Amanda Gummer, as well as a host of Britannica subject experts, this is the perfect book to inspire little brainiacs!

Best Stuffed Animal, Warm Pals Callie Cow Cozy Microwavable Lavender Scented Plush Toys

Best stuffed animal for Valentine's Day

Not everyone loves stuffed animals, but every baby needs to have at least one! We at Bobbie love the cow (milk, of course!) and Warm Pals is a dual purpose buddy. It’s weighted and can be warmed (or cooled) for many soothing night-time cuddles once baby turns one.

You may need to order two— experienced parents understand the need to double up on favorite stuffies!

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Best Cold Weather Essential, Reima Waterproof Reimatec Down Snowsuit

Best baby snowsuit

Since Valentine’s Day happens to fall during one of the coldest months, here’s a practical gift that’s cute as can be. Made by outdoor expert, Reima, this is a functional snowsuit that keeps baby dry and warm. With detachable faux fur trim and responsible down, it has all the features you need for your little one— its windproof, has waterproof seams, and even an insulated seat for your baby’s tush.

Best Baby Swaddle, Norani Colorful Hearts Snugababe Swaddle™ Sleep Pod

Best baby swaddle

Traditional swaddles can be a bit overwhelming for new parents, but the Norani pod is the Houdini-proof swaddle of choice for parents with wiggly little ones. Baby’s arms are inserted into specially-designed armholes and swaddled, and a Velcro attachment helps keep them tightly wrapped, while making it difficult to undo themselves. Their colorful hearts print also comes in Footie PJ’s for babies (sizes Newborn to 12-18 months) and Kids’ PJ’s up to size 6T.

Best Custom Baby Gift, Personalized Baby Quilt Blankets Monogrammed Blankets

Here’s a gift that all new babies, and their parents, would love! A customized baby quilt, with their name and/or initials will be used as a favorite for years to come. Even as your little one becomes a toddler, you’ll be seeing this around the house a lot, as every kid loves their first baby blankie. Choose from many color and thread options to customize this for each kid in the family.

Best Baby Board Book, Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine

Best Valentine's Day board book

Running out of new books to read to baby? How about a Valentine’s Day-themed board book? It’s a sweet story about a T. Rex who’s having a tough time creating the perfect Valentine’s Day card for his best friend Pointy. The pages are full of color and context and the story line will keep baby’s interest for years to come. 

Best Crib Sheets, Dreamland Baby Bamboo Fitted Crib Sheets

Best baby crib sheets

Some added hearts always help baby’s room feel special, no need for V Day! We love these bamboo fitted sheets, which match Dreamland’s printed pajamas and sleep sacks, which come in pink or blue hearts as well as solids and other prints for all year-round happiness.

Best Baby Teether Toy, Bigspinach Soft Pink Elephant Teether

Best teether for Valentine's Day

If you’re all about buying baby gifts that will actually come in handy, a teether is surely one you’ll be needing if you aren’t already. Baby teeth come in between 5 to 7 months and usually bring about lots of fussiness, crying, poor sleep, etc. Luckily, teethers like this one can help. It’s made from natural silicone, just like your baby’s pacis and the nipples on her bottles. You can pop this in the freezer to make it even more pain-relieving. It also doubles as a stimulating sensory toy to keep baby entertained at home or on the go. 

Best Valentine’s Day Family Pajamas, Leveret Kids Pajamas

Who doesn’t love a good pajama set clad in colorful hearts? And there’s certainly no better time to wear them than Valentine’s Day. We love this PJ set not only for the high-quality materials, including organically grown cotton, but also because you can order a pair for each member of your family from Leveret, home of the family jams.

Best Customized Puzzle, Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle

Best toy for Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for a gift for your child that will transcend the test of time, serving as both an educational toy and a keepsake for years to come, look no further than this wooden personalized name puzzle. Created by a small business in a made-to-order facility in Omaha, Nebraska, these puzzles can be totally customizable in names that are 9 characters or less. They’re made using non-toxic paints and come in vibrant colors (all capitalized letters). It’s a meaningful and affordable gift your whole family will cherish. More than 5,000 people on Amazon agree!

Best Photo Gift, Wall26 Personalized Photo to Canvas Print Wall Art

best photo gift

You’re going to be teaching baby all about your relatives, so put them on the wall! Precious moments with each grandma/grandpa/cousin is worth hanging, and each night you can go over each name for familiarity. Even if they’re far away, they can feel close to home. You can’t go wrong with this heartwarming and sentimental gift of your favorite photo on canvas art. You can totally customize this gift, selecting the photo as well as the size of the display. 9,000+ reviews say this is a great gift that arrives fast (perfect for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift). 

Best Custom Baby Book, Personalized Story Book by Dinkleboo – “Visits The Zoo”

You will be reading this book a zillion times, because that’s just how much your kid will love hearing their name on a zoo adventure! There is no gift sweeter than a custom book, for your own child or as a gift. You can revel in the giggles you’ll hear each time the name is mentioned; especially as they greet each different animal at the zoo.

Best Valentine’s Gift for Mom

Best Valentine’s Jewelry Gift for Mom, Personalized Nameplate Necklace

Jewelry for new mom

This list may be for the baby, but who’s more important than mom? Few things in life make a mom more proud than her children, which is what makes these nameplate necklaces so special. You can customize them to include the name of one or more children on a gorgeous, 14K necklace that comes in varying chain lengths. It’s also worth mentioning that this gift makes the perfect push present as well.

Best Stress-Free Meals for Mom, HelloFresh Date Night Meal Kit

Best Valentine's Day Meal Kit

This Valentine’s Day, chef it up at home with HelloFresh’s Date Night LTO. According to a recent survey conducted by HelloFresh and Tinder, respondents said one of the most attractive traits a partner can have is the ability to cook. But going to the store with a baby-NOT romantic. This way you get to spend V day with bb and your partner enjoying good food that’s already prepared, packaged and delivered to your door.

Best Memory Book for Mom, Artifact Uprising Custom Photo Book

Best valentine's gift for mom

There can never be enough pictures with baby, but baby with mom? She always needs MORE. Create a beautiful, customized picture book. You can create a whole book around the pregnancy, around the birth and even around the entire first year. She’ll treasure this forever.

Best Jewelry for Mom to Multiples, Oak and Luna Willow Tag Initial Necklace

Best jewelry for mom

This pendant may start off with one initial tag, but it can grow over time as more babies join your lives. Or if you’re starting with multiples, here’s the perfect Valentine’s Gift for mom. Keeping each babe close to her heart.

Best Valentine’s Jewelry to Gift, Alex and Ani Birthstone Bangle Bracelet

Best jewelry for mom

For all of the new moms, an Alex and Ani bangle is a great gift. These bangles show the birthstone of your new baby, on a silver or gold bangle bracelet. It comes in at a great price point, so this can be a 1st mom gift for a family member, friend or even work colleague. It can be layered or stacked over time with other bangles that celebrate new babies, or mom herself!

How do you celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day?

How you choose to celebrate your baby’s first Valentine’s Day is entirely up to you— and it may depend on how you or your family have celebrated Valentine’s Days in the past. You can choose to go big by purchasing balloons, chocolate (of course, not for your baby to eat!), flowers and the whole nine yards or simply keep things low key and focus on giving your baby lots and lots of kisses (after all, that’s what new parents do best!). 

What is Valentine’s Day for babies?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday celebrated by couples, but it’s really just about love, which is certainly not exclusive to a significant other. If you’re a mom, the true love of your life is probably your child (or children), so it only makes sense to include them in the celebration. Valentine’s Day for babies might be any type of celebration you can imagine— big or small, all day or simply a quick moment over the course of a busy day.

When would a Valentine’s baby be born?

If you conceived on Valentine’s Day— like, that very night— your baby would have a due date of November 7th. Of course, due dates aren’t always accurate and your baby could be born earlier or later than that, but you could expect a baby due sometime around the mid-to-late fall.

How many babies are born on Valentines Day?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of babies born on Valentine’s Day— an estimated 11,636 babies, making it the most popular day to be born during the months between January and June.

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be a Hallmark holiday, but it certainly serves as a welcomed excuse to buy something sweet for your littlest love— and, while you’re at it, maybe yourself too (after all, you know you deserve it for all the hard work you’re putting in to keep your kiddo alive and happy!). The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, elaborate or even well-thought-out—just a little something to help you and your baby celebrate this special day together. 

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant's pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discuss any health or feeding concerns with your infant’s pediatrician. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay it based on the content on this page.

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