“I accidentally diluted my baby’s European Formula for weeks.” Hear this mom’s warning on the hype of choosing foreign formula.

Lauren Ellison Fox sat down with us to share her story about the heart wrenching moment she realized she had been giving her baby boy watered down formula for weeks. by Michelle Li, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom to JJ On Instagram, Lauren Ellison Fox models motherhood in a way that makes us all love

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Caring for a newborn might make you pull your hair — until you realize it will fall out on its own. by Michelle Li, Mom to JJ and Milk Drunk Contributor Chances are you’ll have the best hair of your life when you’re pregnant, but once your baby joins the world, you might say goodbye

Feed Your Baby, Not the Noise: Two Stories of Moms Who Felt the Judgement on How Best to Feed Their Babies

by Michelle Li, mom to JJ and Milk Drunk Contributor New moms have likely heard the saying, “Fed is best.” It’s practically what every other mother and doctor tell a first-time-mom who’s weighing the option of breastfeeding or using infant formula. However, once the baby comes, many new moms often discover those three words were